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  Mwgwd EP by Plyci

Mwgwd EP cover art

Title: Mwgwd EP
Catalogue Number: Peski Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

You may sometimes wonder what it might sound like to be lost in the shadows of the urban landscape with only the ghosts of a hundred strobe light dance floors to keep you company. Well wonder no more as Welsh wunderkind Gerallt Ruggiero – you have to respect press release hyperbole – has unleashed his EP “Mwgwd” on a headphone wearing world.

The influence of the dance floor is especially evident on both the title track and “Latex” to the extent that you might wonder if Underworld had been reborn and gone vegetarian. It’s not all sounds from the land of the night people however with “Shanti” suggesting that Japanese electro pop of the eighties was never really that far from the creative cortex of Plyci and “Songbird” providing evidence of a fondness for heavily sequenced European ambient soundscapes.

Like much from the Peski label, the music of Plyci is a child of the city. Not a European city of culture either but a city where the past is all there is to hold on to and, while “Mwgwd” might well be music for headphones, that does Plyci no real disservice as pondering all that surrounds us all is best done alone.
Review Date: September 12 2013