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  Relate by Neon Highwire

Relate cover art

Artist: Neon Highwire
Title: Relate
Catalogue Number: Health Bomber HBNH10CD
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

In the ever expanding retro musical universe in which we all no longer live there is always room for another pretender to the throne of past glories. Time is, after all, relative, so the past could be the future without altering any of the laws of physics.

Lost in that parallax are London based band Neon Highwire who, with their album, “Relate”, have found a way to rip into the very fabric of the musical past to create 13 songs that evoke darker feelings even though they are presented over a relentlessly hypnotic plastic backbeat. As they neatly avoid irony, it is clear that the creation of melody and harmony are not the intention of this band with the processed vocals and sequenced bleakness of their stolen from the dance floor beats talking back to the night as if the machine was on permanent free vend.
This album is, however, not merely fast food for the follically challenged. In times past, or times future if you perchance fall through a wormhole, Neon Highwire would no doubt trouble the charts with “These Movies Have Become One Big Joke”. Spinning round round round like a record, if you like.
Review Date: October 13 2013