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  Haunted Heart by Susan Cattaneo

Haunted Heart cover art

Artist: Susan Cattaneo
Title: Haunted Heart
Catalogue Number: Jersey Girl Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2014

Susan Cattaneo is back with a new album “Haunted Heart” and that fact nearly filled me with enthusiasm. Nearly but not quite.

Looking at the big picture, there’s not really a bad song here and each and every song here has that polished and professional feel that you would expect of something thinking about mining the royalty mountain in ultra conventional Nashville. After neatly assembling those songs however, Susan Cattaneo and her troupe of what sounds like very tired session men then run through everything without ever getting anywhere near breaking sweat. The only song where it appears that enthusiasm got the better of them is “Worth The Whiskey” and, even then, enthusiasm is probably too strong a word to use.

When all is said and done, “Haunted Heart” – like her last album – has the feel of a set of songs that seem written for someone else and, with its near relentless maudlin atmosphere, it is accordingly hard to work up much enthusiasm for her music this time around.
Review Date: December 8 2013