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  Jaybirds by Bacon Fudge

Jaybirds cover art

Artist: Bacon Fudge
Title: Jaybirds
Catalogue Number: Kebab Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2014

If ever there was a musical genre that would find a home on the arcane and resolutely lo-fi cassette then punk would be it. The focussed simplicity of the genre demands so little of even this most humble storage format that it has plenty of space left for raw energy.

And that raw energy is what Paris punk band Bacon Fudge have. The times and political motivations of punk have long since gone of course but the honest get it done and make it loud attitude has clearly survived and Ben, Thomas and Willy – for it is they who have formed themselves into Bacon Fudge - fire it up on all three cylinders and launch themselves with youthful enthusiasm into the trilogy of “Jaybirds”, “Words” and “Breathe”. It’s up-tempo all the way until the last song when, for reasons not obvious, the mood changes and they turn “Breathe” into an example of dislocated psych pop.

Nonetheless, it is good to hear a band that don’t sound like they created themselves on a laptop. The cassette is a limited edition of 50 copies and is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: February 12 2014