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  Brave Mountains by Appletop

Brave Mountains cover art

Artist: Appletop
Title: Brave Mountains
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM42
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2014

It would seem that even France has been afflicted with the disease of indie rock but, fortunately, there seems to be more passion on that side of the channel than we are used to from our own mediocrity obsessed bands. In addition, Appletop show clear signs of enjoying themselves throughout their album “Brave Mountains”.

The choice to sing everything in English gives the biggest hint that this band’s influences are more American – there are even songs called “Nebraska” and “Portland” on the album if you need the geographic precision - than French and that their intention is to set sail for the mainstream. Convincing and emotive male vocals keep the pot boiling over the course of the album with “Johnny’s Theme” being the highpoint although, conversely, the rest of the band seem more than happy to recycle riffs from the usual sonic suspects whenever possible.
Although let down by the variable sound quality and generally untidy performances, this album does provide more than enough evidence that Appletop would be capable of permanently escaping from the indie rock prison camp if they were to put their mind to it.
Review Date: February 17 2014