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  Big Sounds from the Big City Vol.1 by The Great Artiste

Big Sounds from the Big City Vol.1 cover art

Artist: The Great Artiste
Title: Big Sounds from the Big City Vol.1
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2014

Perhaps it is a cultural things but European rock bands, whether indie, art or otherwise conventional, seem to show considerably more dexterity and conviction than their counterparts in the UK. The Great Artiste are a French band and they roll it down the boulevard with their mini album “Big Sounds from the Big City Vol. 1”.

As if to prove their lyrical literacy, the words are in English but the musical sentiments are more those of mid European provincial rock. It is true as well that The Great Artiste draw on many American influences and, if it were not for the focus that they show, you would think that they actually hailed from Seattle or Chicago. With that said and even when the vocals are lost in the mix and the guitars go wandering , the freshness of their performance is more than enough to overcome any objection to imported cultural imperialism.

“Heroin Or Die” is the song with the most purpose and it benefits from the time honoured approach of turning the volume up to the max so that the rambling start gains that essential direction that will keep you tracked in the instrumental groove. Don’t write off the singer though as the lost boy returns to bring an urban fairytale quality to the coarsely machined “I Am a Fucked up Child”.
With “Big Sounds from the Big City Vol.1”, The Great Artiste show that they know where they are going. “Big Sounds from the Big City Vol.1” is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: April 5 2014