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  Bucking by Reverse Cowgirls

Bucking cover art

Artist: Reverse Cowgirls
Title: Bucking
Catalogue Number: Off Label records OLR83CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

There would seem to be many Reverse Cowgirls out there – you’ve got to love the Internet for finding such things out – but the creators of “Bucking” are the Dutch version and they run without subtitles, or probably sobriety, throughout their album.

Their manic charm is immediately evident with both “Damn The Damage” and “Professional Feeder” showing a gleeful disregard for the lyrical subject matter that normally occupies the composers of up-tempo low brow country music. However, such frivolity is not something that limits these Reverse Cowgirls and they prove themselves equally capable of recreating the blue collar Nashville country style, as they do in “Prairie” Road, or sharing a song long stylistic shandy with Delbert McClinton all through “Down South”. You can’t keep a good band serious for too long though and that undeniable sense of fun returns to season the “Chickenstew”.

Distinguished by a mix of spirited performance and irreverent humour, Reverse Cowgirls make the most of their influences and turn “Bucking” into what might rightly be called a convincing party album. Best served with beer (but you probably guessed that anyway).
Review Date: October 4 2014