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  Pergélisol / Chorémanie by Spelterini

Pergélisol / Chorémanie cover art

Artist: Spelterini
Title: Pergélisol / Chorémanie
Catalogue Number: Kythibong KTB69
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Oh, Supreme Being, send me an instrumental album with a press release that says that the band that is Spelterini is, in fact, two parts Papier Tigre and two parts Chausse Trappe as that will surely guide my words on their album “Pergélisol / Chorémanie” somewhere spiritual, even if I know not where.

So, in this euphonic gospel, there are but two songs – called, unsurprisingly, “Pergélisol” and Chorémanie” - and both fall into the extended musical interlude category. Not a word of praise is spoken in either but it has to be said that, even without the direction normally provided using the compass of language, neither song is any danger of getting lost or, for that matter, losing you as these two songs run on the tracks like a train might on a journey through a post prog industrial landscape to some mystical destination. Some volume helps here – and I mean the kind of volume that will alienate your neighbours – as this is the kind of music that is designed to envelope you with percussive irony. Repetition is the key to the Spelterini repository of musical tricks, yet this is by no means a tedious or unimaginative album as the overall effect to is give an organic voice to the oppression forced upon us by the repressed rage of the man machine.

Albums like this may be an acquired taste to many as they, by definition, require a certain degree of commitment and concentration before the existential benefits can take effect and consequently transport you away from the mundane mediocrity of modern living.

Available on vinyl (and digital) from Kythibong Records.
Review Date: September 7 2019