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  See Thru Songs by Penguin Party

See Thru Songs cover art

Artist: Penguin Party
Title: See Thru Songs
Catalogue Number: Sitting Target Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

The late 1990s saw a lot of mopey "Britpop" bands attain an incredible amount of positive press. One can only speculate that the grim-looking prospect for the UK economy was partly to blame. People actually took to Coldplay! While I respect that the future does indeed look bleak in 2008, I should think another batch of dreary British schoolboys singing about everything being fine is not needed. Whatever happened to learning from past mistakes?

There's nothing grand about opening number, "Someone Else's Turn To Be Me". It is noticeably different to what Milligan produced with Arco, but instead sounds, for the most part, as if it is being played through a tin of baked beans. My stereo is intact!

Effort is required to listen to "Lullaby". Take a perfectly decent rock 'n' roll song and emasculate it. Take the soul-soaked roar of Little Richard and replace it with a barely understandable Morrissey. You get the picture.

It's not all bad, though. "Goin' Back to Grandma's" is a rather simple, enjoyable little tune, but is hardly in fitting with the album's canned sound.

Normal service is resumed on "Before I Go Away". There is no bite to this album. You don't like "bite"? Listen to James Last. Arco followers and sundry Britpop throwbacks may enjoy this album, but outside diehards, it's hard to spot any particular points of genuine interest for the masses.
Review Date: June 24 2008