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  Magellano by Jester At Work

Magellano cover art

Title: Magellano
Catalogue Number: Twelve Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

The all important second album. The follow up to the original promise. “Magellano” is the second album from Jester At Work. It is a collection of songs that seem to revel in monotone and melancholy with perhaps only “Little Sad Song” – somewhat ironically given its title – having a spring in its step.

Elsewhere, Antonio Vitale takes his lyrical cues from the dark folk genre and delivers practically every song at the walking pace (and a leisurely walking pace at that).  Musings on mortality are in there of course but the rather forced non-voice of Mr Vitale does little to bring life to those sentiments. It is an individual approach to be sure but there is, equally, little here to entice the casual listener.

That said, this album could well develop something of cult following. It is a love-hate kind of album.
Review Date: February 24 2012