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  Bluesbunny Girl Gab and Gossip Vol. 1 - Sex and th

Hello there, my darlings.  As you would imagine I have stiletto membership status to The Sex and The City fan club. I even persuaded Handsome Bluesbunny to buy me the 'shoe' box set for my birthday, which is the same day as Nancy Sinatra's  (not the same year I hasten to add, however counting in rabbit years I'm probably older than the 'boots start walking' icon). The Bunny with the endearing charm (yes I'm still talking about Handsome BB - please keep up…) had to scour the whole of the UK to find the wonderful pink shoe box with the full collection of the totally fab programme from our lovely cousins across the Atlantic.

satc promo

So as you can imagine I nearly fell off my wedges when I heard that 'SATC the Movie' was due to be released.   By the time the release date came I had already chosen my outfit for the event, including co-ordinating heels and clutch bag. The big day arrives - "Show Time!" The cinema was full, as you would imagine, of women. Interestingly there was also a small smattering of the male of our species lightly sprinkled in amongst very excitable and eager females. So, what does it do for the men? Are they hoping that Samantha lets the puppies pop out of the kennel? Are they studying for a fashion degree and want to keep abreast of the latest trends? Do they fancy Mr. Big???

I sat there with my champagne in the still and silence of the cinema…AND I prayed to Gina, Jimmy and Manolo BUT oh dear, what a letdown!!!!

This movie, darlings, is a classic example of dumbed down for the masses, clichés for the masses, and to top it all, make it a 15 certificate for the masses.   This review should have been written about a month ago but it pained me to write about just how poor the movie was - a whole shopping mall below the standard expected. The clothes were fabulous, the shoes were jaw dropping but the movie lacked the sparkle that we have come to know and love from the series.

Last time I was this disappointed in a movie was the high expectations I had for The Da Vinci Code after devouring the book in a matter of 2 very rainy days in Ibiza. Perhaps such a subject matter is better in small chunks of 35 minutes and doesn't quite make for 145 minutes. The one notable exception was the lines given to Kim Cattrall as Samantha - that was more like it! 

But pleaaase, there were so many contrived elements that this little Bunny could guess 5 scenes ahead what was actually going to happen.  The introduction of 'props' that would prove 'significance' later on was painfully embarrassing (ladies - the love key ring… no, don't vomit all over my corsage). The reason that SATC the Series was so fab and so adored by us Brits was it was intelligent, witty, far reaching and slightly ahead of its time.   

My final word on the matter… come now… would you have taken 'Big' back after that stunt he pulled in the movie? Exactly! Move on…

(2 Manolos - doesn't deserve more than 1 pair)

Author: Bluesbunny Girl