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  Timeless by Qoya

Timeless cover art


Pleasingly episodic, Qoya infuse their song “Timeless” with more than enough grunge and long form artistic posturing to induce visions of escaping shadows heading into the light. Full on guitars and relentless reverb fill in the gaps.

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  Bells by Jewel Scheme

Bells cover art


Ok. Not exactly sure what to make of this one. “Bells” swirls ambient style doodling in with some offbeat electro moves as the background to some arty lyrics that walk the line between meaningful and trippy. It’s the Jewel Scheme way.

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  Smultronblom och Vit Jasmin by Hansan

Smultronblom och Vit Jasmin cover art


Delicate, almost ethereal, in presentation, “Smultronblom och Vit Jasmin” provides more than enough proof that music can still be so entrancingly beautiful that it can touch the soul. Hansan make that happen for you. May they be blessed!

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  Bloasis by The Hector Collectors

Bloasis cover art


The Hector Collectors grunge up that Britpop groove and infuse it with their somewhat caustic mix of sarcasm and sentimentality to use “Bloasis” as a device to put a square peg into the round hole of nostalgia. Pure Podcast Princes!

  Jackie Don’t Mind by Concrete Club

Jackie Don’t Mind cover art

Indie rock

No doubt out of fashion now but I can still work up some enthusiasm for some upbeat indie rock and Concrete Club definitely give us some of that with “Jackie Don’t Mind” bouncing along on sheer energy and an endearing dash of theatricality.

  Nostalgia by VV And The Void

Nostalgia cover art


You know a song like “Nostalgia” is going to be too cool for school when the mix of robotic synthesisers and shadow driven intent makes you want to wear black and smoke cigarillos. VV and The Void made me want to smoke a cigarillo.

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  In My Heart by Chris Pellnat

In My Heart cover art

Well intentioned

“In My Heart” is a somewhat awkward mix of musical influences and languages with that multi-cultural concoction seeming almost at odds with Chris Pellnat’s laconic vocal delivery and rock star guitar. Well intentioned, nonetheless.

  Go Anywhere by Sally Green and Kurupt

Go Anywhere cover art


A solid retro funk groove from Sally Green – and Kurupt – with lots of loops keeping the train dancing on the track and there’s even a halftime rap to keep the nineties soul boys happy. It’s old school but fresh if you know what I mean.

  Birds Before Rain by She Was the Carnation and the Rose

Birds Before Rain cover art


I’m not entirely sure where a song like “Birds Before Rain” fits into the playlist of today but there is something endearing dramatic about the female vocals that would suggest inspiration by the more progressive folk rock bands of the seventies.

  Dry Run by Hunters of the Alps

Dry Run cover art

Dream pop

Done in the old school dream pop style, “Dry Run” rolls like lo-fi reverb is the only food your ears need and Hunters of the Alps keep it all full of mist and mellow fruitfulness as the song runs it course. Destined for a cassette release.

  Hiding by Boudicca’s Bass Service

Hiding cover art


Not quite offbeat but not quite standard either is “Hiding” by Boudicca’s Bass Service. This is a low key song with some quirky tempo changes that work well enough to make your feet move of their own accord. Interesting.

  Overblown by Cosmicity

Overblown cover art


That retro synth pop sound never gets old and Cosmicity duly pulls those sequenced patterns of days gone by together to weave “Overblown” into a cardigan of emotional nihilism. Stylishly bleak is the way of his world.

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