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  Wait By The Shore by Snows of Yesteryear

Wait By The Shore cover art


“Wait By The Shore” is light and sugary yet the deeper sentimentality in the lyrics provides the balance this sonic confection needs to stay on course. Snows of Yesteryear might be on a well-trodden path but I like where they are going.

Review date:  November 19 2022

  Feeling Fine by The Distance

Feeling Fine cover art


Solid Americana from The Distance with best use being made of a twelve bar style groove to keep “Feeling Fine” from swimming with the fishes while the juxtaposition of male and female vocals adds a curiously gothic feel. Someone put this on a soundtrack soon.

  Face Yourself by Freakin’ Disco

Face Yourself cover art


Robot boogie hits the dancefloor once again with Freakin’ Disco locking their sequencer on retro rhythms and sweeping synths and using “Face Yourself” to take us on a post-midnight journey to glitterball land. Those pills keep a ‘popping.

Review date:  November 19 2022

  Liberty Awaits by The Trouble Notes

Liberty Awaits cover art


Going long and leisurely are The Trouble Notes with “Liberty Awaits” being more of journey than a song with those strong celtic muscles shouldering much of weighty meaning that this epic carries with it. It’s deep, wistful, and driven all at once.

Review date:  November 19 2022

  Lessons Learned by Craig John Davidson

Lessons Learned cover art


As nicely polished as “Lessons Learned” is, I get the feeling that Craig David Johnson has more to cards to play than this melancholy, almost Americana in style, song would suggest. His voice is the clue but what’s his intended endgame?

  Lucky by Wicked Bears

Lucky cover art

Pop Punkiness

You won’t need a time machine to find some primo pop punk as Wicked Bears have done the trip back into the past for you and the energetic and effervescent “Lucky” provides the proof of that in under three minutes. Boom!

Review date:  November 12 2022

  Influx by Thy Veils

Influx cover art


There are retro synth stylistic moves aplenty to be found in “Influx” by Thy Veils with Maria Hojda’s voice doing an enticing yet ethereal drift over the rigidly hypnotic beats. It’s a pause for thought song that easily fills your headphones.

Review date:  November 12 2022

  Healin Train by Raie

Healin Train cover art


It says here that she is from Glasgow so Raie must be good. “Healin’ Train” does not therefore disappoint with the Nashville country rock stylistic moves being executed with no small amount of vim and vigour. The road calls out to me.

Review date:  November 6 2022

  Pour Me (I’m Drifting) by Roofman

Pour Me (I’m Drifting) cover art


What’s this? A worthy singer songwriter? True enough for Roofman – aka Thijs van der Meulen – demonstrates that the art of mixing poetry into melody has not been lost and, yes, he even takes it all the way to the bridge. Old school perhaps, but so good.

Review date:  November 5 2022

  Diggin by Harley Olivia

Diggin cover art


It’s been a week for songs with a purpose and “Diggin” by Harley Olivia was no exception with solid riffage underpinning her robustly delivered words and, with the volume turned up to 11, you can truly appreciate her intentions. Boom!

Review date:  November 5 2022

  Hollywood by Havanna Winter

Hollywood cover art


if you mix irony in with plastic pop as well as Havanna Winter can then fame can’t be far away. “Hollywood” pulls together all the right commercial influences yet it is her ability to polish things to perfection in under three minutes that impresses the most.

Review date:  November 4 2022

  Hear Me Lover by SJ Mortimer

Hear Me Lover cover art


There’s nothing wrong with being conventional as long as you can do it with some style and that’s what SJ Mortimer does with her song “Hear Me Lover”. The song exudes radio friendliness, and her voice gives you all the reason you need to listen. It’s FM all the way.

Review date:  November 4 2022

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