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  The End of Love by Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

The End of Love cover art


Ah! The sound of the city echoes around the room courtesy of Erotic Secrets of Pompeii. “The End of Love” struts about like a song on a mission to smite mediocrity with a musical sword made the of best theatrical steel. Play loud!

Review date:  January 25 2021

  Empty Shoulders by Faux Fur Bean Cube

Empty Shoulders cover art


“Empty Shoulders” is the kind of song where meandering sounds wander about in search of greater things as the - wondrously named - Faux Fur Bean Cube emotes in the foreground. A mite pretentious perhaps but there is a certain hypnotic quality to it.

  Artemisia by Faux Machismo

Artemisia cover art


Now this is more like it. Grungy guitars, lost in space drums and a wandering female voice decorate “Artemisia” duly turning the song into a headphone weapon. The fast fade allows Faux Machismo to escape back into the night.

Review date:  January 24 2021

  Lions Should Hunt by Speak Easy Circus

Lions Should Hunt cover art


Speak Easy Circus are clearly a band with rather greater lyrical purpose than most and “Lions Should Hunt” is also decorated with copious amounts of well-schooled, even adventurous, musicianship. This one might even make a beard scratcher dance.

Review date:  January 24 2021

  Sugar, Stop by The Third Cut

Sugar, Stop cover art


Appealing lo-fi power pop from The Third Cut with “Sugar, Stop” having more than enough steam to make it all the way to the bridge and back again. I had to fight the urge to sing along to this song which some will take as a good sign.

  Sweet Eyes by Jealous Tina

Sweet Eyes cover art


Oh, so classy! Jealous Tina are about as smooth as you can get without actually coming out as jazz and “Sweet Eyes” reverberates to the sound of a spell cast solely to entrance the ears of the discerning. Finger snapping good.

Review date:  January 24 2021

  Luz by Belau ft. Sexto Sentido

Luz cover art


Ethnic influences abound in “Luz” and serve to effectively add a pleasing organic quality to the underlying looped electronica. Belau have duly made this song soothing, easy on the ear and, yet, still interesting.

Review date:  January 22 2021

  Player by Zsüd

Player cover art


“Player” rolls like it should be in a television montage yet, despite the cut to the click vibe, Zsüd still manages to infuse the song with echoes of all the spiritual emptiness that today has to offer. Indeed a song of our time.

  2Sides by Alex Bent and The Emptiness

2Sides cover art


Curiously spacious to the point of emptiness (ha!), “2Sides” seems more or less urban but the minimalist style demonstrates that the mechanism of repetition and precipitous processing can evoke something that is more atmospheric than you might expect.

Review date:  January 16 2021

  She’s Not Me by Kristen Kae

She’s Not Me cover art


That Nashville sound pervades “She’s Not me” with Kirsten Kae giving it all she can to turn this into the kind of radio friendly song to make pickup trucks bounce up and down at the traffic lights of life. Polished it is, as such songs always are.

Review date:  January 16 2021

  Songs of Praise by Forty Elephant Gang

Songs of Praise cover art


Americana in style and reticent in approach, Forty Elephant Gang move their song “Songs of Praise” backwards in time to the days of the hangman’s noose. Redemption is the direction and the guitar is the signpost. You could worse that follow those chords.

  Agoraphobic by TreyHarsh

Agoraphobic cover art


I like the sound of a death metal band ticking all the expected style boxes in the morning. It smells like a videogame soundtrack to me. Riffing and rasping all the way, TreyHarsh put “Agoraphobic” on to the train and give it full steam ahead.

Review date:  January 16 2021

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