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  Special Place In hell by Suzi Moon

Special Place In hell cover art


“Special Place in Hell” has the trendy retro vibe of the time when the mall was the place to be yet Suzi Moon injects enough modern hard edged cynicism to move her guitar powered song through time into today.

Review date:  April 10 2021

  Kill Me Sweetie by Shadow Monster

Kill Me Sweetie cover art


Robust in the way that songs of the big city usually are, “Kill Me Sweetie” resonates through those very streets with the female vocals, guitar riffs and pounding drums proving that Shadow Monster can run any traffic light they might encounter.

Review date:  April 10 2021

  If I Leave by Stefanie Parnell

If I Leave cover art


If you seek the comfort of the conventional then “If I Leave” by Canada’s Stefani Parnell will provide you with that which you seek. The song is a ballad and is moves neatly and sweetly from start to finish. One for the radio.

  Misty Morning by Kandle

Misty Morning cover art


Kandle takes a confident walk down sentimental street with “Misty Morning”. Piano led and pleasingly free of modern day cynicism, this is the kind of song that is makes directly for the heart. Old fashioned perhaps but worthy nonetheless.

  The Devil (Lives In My Flat) by Polar Klub

The Devil (Lives In My Flat) cover art


Some songs just sound like they were born to live in the shadows and “The Devil (Lives In My Flat)” is such a song with Polar Klub idolising all the many facets of retro lo-fi reverb in his search for the perfect dystopian atmosphere.

Review date:  April 10 2021

  Preacher by Deva St. John

Preacher cover art


Endearingly energetic, Deva St. John whips up a rock fuelled sonic snack called “Preacher” and sets out to make the world a better place in just over three minutes. It’s valid thing to do and she has no trouble making it happen. Riff me right now.

  Never Leave The Basement by Nadia Vaeh

Never Leave The Basement cover art


It’s finger on the pulse time with “Never Leave The Basement” demonstrating that Nadia Vaeh both knows her way to the mall and the less than spiritually invigorating way back home. Pop music can be smart and this is the evidence.

Review date:  April 2 2021

  The Sceptic by DuncanC

The Sceptic cover art

Low key

Perhaps something of a stylistic throwback to simpler times, DuncanC goes all homebrew minimal and acoustic with “The Sceptic” while still putting enough substance into his lyrics to make the song worthy of a listen.

Review date:  April 2 2021

  Truly Free by Secret Treehouse

Truly Free cover art


Swathed in synthesisers as usual, the ever wistful Secret Treehouse walk down their retro garden path at a leisurely pace and duly give their song “Truly Free” the sonic seasoning of the serious. Into the valley we go.

Review date:  April 2 2021

  Football by Gunke

Football cover art


Anarchy has had its day, or so they say, and maybe Gunke know that with their song “Football” nearly drowning in its own laconicism whilst transcoding the mundane into chants and guitar fundamentalism.

Review date:  March 28 2021

  Stars of the Last Magnitude by Karma Surround

Stars of the Last Magnitude cover art


Clearly in love with the jangly guitar sound of the good old days, Karma Surround walks his song “Stars of the Last Magnitude” down the path of golden era pop songs and, whilst always lo-fi and rather untidy, he gets where he is going.

  Nouvelle Vague by Wake Island

Nouvelle Vague cover art


The dance floor is clearly a big part of the Wake Island oeuvre and “Nouvelle Vague” duly inherits the hypnotic qualities that are part and parcel of the more stylish parts of the club scene. This song is cool enough for its intended audience.

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