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  Beyond Repair by Mad Meg

Beyond Repair cover art


Now you’re talking. Simultaneously ridiculous and nearly drowning in irony. “Beyond Repair” takes you on a theatrical, almost camp, four and a half minute journey into a parallel world full of posh city festival audiences and quirky existentialism. Mad Meg are the bomb!

Review date:  October 10 2022

  Our God by Ruth Campbell

Our God cover art


Not much gospel music this way comes. Yet, “Our God” by Ruth Campbell did and her song is, as you might expect, wholesome in content and, perhaps surprisingly, elegantly sung and easy on even these decidedly secular ears.

  Crush on You by Jen Ash

Crush on You cover art

Ear candy

Jen Ash revs up her nineties’ style engine and takes her song “Crush On You” for a drive down to the kind of cool clubs where only the best people get in. The ghost of the dancefloor comes along for the ride but she is the one that takes control your ears.

Review date:  October 8 2022

  Let Go Of Boredom by Gold Bonds

Let Go Of Boredom cover art


Full of synthetic goodness, “Let Go Of Boredom” pumps itself up with strong vocals, loops and a solidly reverential approach to the art of song writing. You might be thinking nineties’ AM radio but I know the past is the present and this song is the proof.

Review date:  October 8 2022
  Let Go Of Boredom

  Piece by Piece by The Tropicanas

Piece by Piece cover art


Bouncy in that nineties’ pop way, The Tropicanas will bring a smile to the faces of many with “Piece by Piece”. Whilst being a lightweight and even sugary song, The Tropicanas have more than enough charm to pull their song off the shelf and put it into your heart.

Review date:  October 8 2022

  Cool With Me by Slow Cozy

Cool With Me cover art


Laidback and retro is the style path that Slow Cozy have chosen to follow and “Cool with Me” rolls just like Dope Lemon did before them. The result speaks for itself with the sequencer doing the necessary to keep the song resolutely on course.

Review date:  October 8 2022

  Hook by Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses

Hook cover art


Balancing bounce with offbeat charm isn’t an easy trick to pull off yet Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses can do it with their song “Hook” wooing me through the inspired use of grungy guitars, left field lyrics and a desirably quirky joie de vivre.

  Final Girl by Eva Rose

Final Girl cover art

Radio friendly

You can’t go far wrong with a bit of maturity and polish in your song writing and, indeed, Eva Rose doesn’t go far wrong with her song “Final Girl”. Blend in enough guitars to make an alt rock playlist with a voice that has radio friendly qualities and the result pleases.

Review date:  October 1 2022

  Solstice by Popup

Solstice cover art


Let’s face it. “Solstice” is four minutes of lyrical irony ironically delivered in a downbeat and deadpan Glasgow manner. I don’t know if Popup have every Lou Reed album in their collection but I can bet that the students who listen to this will have. C’est végétarien!

  Live For Today by Stillway

Live For Today cover art


An honest example of Scottish styled indie pop, “Live For Today” holds a steady course for its four minute duration with enough in the way of bounce and assured vocals to make the journey worthwhile. It’s a Stillway thing.

Review date:  September 30 2022

  Feel Bad Boogie by Patrik Jansson

Feel Bad Boogie cover art


Still setting fire to those guitar strings is Patrik Jansson and “Feel Bad Boogie” provides more than enough proof that the blues rock genre still has some life in it. The feel is right and this song also makes you want to drink beer. That works for me!

Review date:  September 16 2022

  Vertigo by Nadine Khouri

Vertigo cover art


Elegant and eloquent as ever, Nadine Khouri stays on the classy side of the street with her song “Vertigo” and, with the subtle arrangement allowing plenty of space for her voice to cast its spell, your ears will soon become hers forever. I sigh again.

Review date:  September 13 2022

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