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  The End of October by Grandios Sensibel

The End of October cover art


Episodic and theatrical in presentation, “The End of October” seems much more than just a simple song with Grandios Sensibel successfully emoting much melancholy. I love the smell of complexity in the morning and this song is nothing if not that.

Review date:  October 21 2023

  Numbers by Kodact

Numbers cover art


Kodact take their song “Numbers” for a stroll along the mellow path and, with the decidedly laidback and understated presentation restraining everything, you might well miss out on this sad song. It’s end credit music without a doubt.

Review date:  October 21 2023

  Sweet Revenge by YME

Sweet Revenge cover art


“Numbers” sounds like a child of a dancefloor with the solid robotic beat certain to track the song straight into the better clubs. YME’s impassioned, if circuitous, vocals lift the song out of the digital abyss and put it right into your Mercedes.

Review date:  October 21 2023

  Aelita by Virta

Aelita cover art


Another song that will drift about inside your head, “Aelita” plays like a soundtrack to something spiritual and seems as deep as the proverbial well. No matter, for Virta clearly know what they are doing so into the song we duly dive.

Review date:  October 20 2023

  Bones by Malummi

Bones cover art


Staying on the sly side of quirky are Malummi with their slick song “Bones” undoubtedly resonating resolutely with the beard scratchers of this world. It’s a time and place song that drifts forever in the right direction and I’m tripping in the smoke.

Review date:  October 20 2023

  K9 (Wide Awake) by Nadine Randle

K9 (Wide Awake) cover art


About as heavily processed as a song can get, “K9 (Wide Awake)” demonstrates the benefits of a long and winding effects chain but remember this is 2023 and Nadine Randle clearly knows what is expected of a singer destined for the mainstream.

Review date:  October 20 2023

  This Is My Time by Francis On My Mind

This Is My Time cover art


Francis On My Mind tick all the right polished indie pop style boxes with their song “This Is My Time” and, unsurprisingly, that makes the three minute runtime pass pleasantly. There is mainstream appeal in there without a doubt.

  Whiskey by Jessica Woodlee

Whiskey cover art


There is always a place in my heart for a sentimental song and “Whiskey” by Jessica Woodlee is one such song with her indie singer songwriter moves scaling up to fill that metaphorical coffee shop with sweetness and warmth. Endearing with sugar on top.

Review date:  October 14 2023

  Vilified by Naked Sunday

Vilified cover art


Clearly dedicated students of the hard rock playbook, Naked Sunday throw in all the necessary riffs and impassioned growls to make “Vilified” worthy of maximum volume replay with some unexpected melodrama mid song justifying that second listen.

Review date:  October 14 2023

  A Word About It by Alejandra O’Leary

A Word About It cover art


Downbeat to the point of being laconic, Alejandra O’Leary duly maintains a straight and true course for the duration of “A Word About It”. It’s an earnest approach to take and one that supports her melancholic words well.

  Anything, Anymore by The Kundalini Genie

Anything, Anymore cover art


Bleak does seem to be the theme for songs of late and “Anything, Anymore” does not disappoint on that front yet there is something intoxicatingly cinematic about The Kundalini Genie’s swoop into the darkness that makes you want to join them on the journey.

  Underground City by The Filthy Tongues

Underground City cover art


The Filthy Tongues sound just like band would if they had forever played in the basements of life. “Underground City” duly injects guitars, world weary vocals and an overlay of mist and midnight to drag the song off towards the dawn.

Review date:  October 10 2023

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