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  Sara Get The Baby by Kristeen Young

Sara Get The Baby cover art


Some manic minimalist synth pop from Kristeen Young with “Sara Get The Baby” leading you through the mid-life crisis littered streets. Powered by a sequenced combination of internalised rage and arthouse deconstruction, this one goes bang!

Review date:  May 28 2022

  Older by Simone Miller

Older cover art


Kind of old school urban in her approach, Simone Miller takes a familiar post midnight path but her soul strolling style gives her voice the chance to convince those whose hearts are willing to listen. As they used to say back in the day, this one is a grower.

Review date:  May 28 2022

  Baby Won’t You Stop by Hippies and Cowboys

Baby Won’t You Stop cover art

Miller time

Hippies and Cowboys take their song “Baby Won’t You Stop” for a walk down the Stax track and that is just fine with a soul man like me. The horn section would get arrested for grand larceny but there’s a short but muscular guitar solo to keep things fresh. Serve with cold beer.

  STHLM TOKYO by Sötnos

STHLM TOKYO cover art

Retro cool

“Sötnos” hide their wry humour and grunge meets indie ragged round the edges charm by mixing it in with a whole bundle of nineties retro sonic snippets such as power chords, hard urban beats and a chant for a hook to keep things going until the end. Solid irony in sound.

  Just Me by DeVries

Just Me cover art


One listen to “Just Me” is enough to convince these ears that this is another finger on the pulse of our times pop song and DeVries duly applies more than enough polish to slide it on to a radio playlist or ten. Heartfelt, no doubt.

  Trauma L3 by Bullets&Knives

Trauma L3 cover art


Belgian band Bullets&Knives do the angular euro rock thing rather well with “Trauma L3” mixing pulsating rhythms, hard edged, almost nihilistic, lyrics and power chords into their sonic stew. You’ll get a taste for it if you try.

Review date:  May 21 2022

  Untouchable by MeMo

Untouchable cover art


Ever wondered what would happen if the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show got made redundant and had to take a job in a coffee shop? Well now you know and MeMo duly showtunes her way through “Untouchable” with true lipstick fervour. Glorious!

  Patrick Bateman by Housewife

Patrick Bateman cover art


Whilst undoubtedly bleak and low key , Housewife demonstrate a pleasing ability to balance fragility with lo-fi grunge intent. “Patrick Bateman” might not therefore break the mould but there is something about those intertwined voices that makes happy ears.

Review date:  May 21 2022

  *sigh* Nevermind by Asiatica

*sigh* Nevermind cover art


“*sigh* Nevermind” is clearly a song with the potential to enchant and Asiatica lay down the low speed hypnotic groove that both takes the song through the night into the dawn and allows Asia Lacy the time to cast her spell. I indeed sigh.

  Sleeping Pills by Bruce Panagopoulos

Sleeping Pills cover art

Go long

Though only clocking in at three and a half minutes, “Sleeping Pills” feels like a song that has the legs to take it out to the full eight. The low key vocals and living in a box vibe give way to the kind of power chord overdose that would give Bruce Panagopoulos the energy to take it there

Review date:  May 21 2022

  Help Im Falling For You by The Aquadolls

Help Im Falling For You cover art


The Aquadolls return with the “Help im falling 4u and i can’t get up” and use this song to take their musical direction towards deeper and darker things. The pop sensibilities remain and, even at under 3 minutes, this song exudes maturity.

Review date:  May 13 2022

  Sugar Tips by Highscore

Sugar Tips cover art


Resurrecting that eighties retro synth groove are Highscore and their song “Sugar Tips” duly ticks all the necessary Jermaine Jackson style boxes whilst throwing in enough lyrical references to Doja Cat to convince the listener that the song is fresher than 1987.

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