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  Hold My Hand by Maggie Gently

Hold My Hand cover art


There are songs that sound like they were washed ashore on the sunny beaches adjoining the Pacific ocean. “Hold My Hand” is one such song and Maggie Gently adds a dash of guitars to her melodious mix to further multiply the mall appeal.

Review date:  October 23 2021

  Throw Your Dreams Away by Modern Stars

Throw Your Dreams Away cover art


Tripping their way back to you are Modern Stars with “Throw Your Dreams Away” gradually regaining focus after a meandering psyched out start to then trundle purposely out of earshot in the company of a wild guitar solo. I like mushrooms.

Review date:  October 23 2021

  Just Air by Rebecca McCartney

Just Air cover art


“Just Air” makes me want to sigh. Mid paced with just enough woe locked into the lyrics to amplify the emotional intensity, this song highlights Rebecca McCartney’s sophisticated song writing abilities. Be still my heart.

  Harder to Breath by A Short Walk to Pluto

Harder to Breath cover art


I suppose “Harder to Breath” could be classified as indie pop but there is more in the way of shine here than you might expect of the genre. The intertwined vocals add sonic appeal but the song does ramble on a bit more than it should.

  Loch Lomond by Dave Arcari

Loch Lomond cover art


Dave Arcari applies his unmistakable blues style to that old Scottish favourite “Loch Lomond”. Its’ not his first offence for this sort of thing yet it’s hard to resist singing along as he turns up the sentiment and takes us down to the bonny banks once more. Quality.

Review date:  October 12 2021

  Big Strong Man by Courtney Cotter King

Big Strong Man cover art


A song like “Big Strong Man” would likely made any big city festival – remember them? – audience nod approvingly as they absorbed the mix of irony enhanced lyrics and jazzy musical inflections into their beard scratching foot tapping routine. Classy.

Review date:  October 12 2021
  Courtney Cotter King

  Dreaming of Giants by Mary Jennings

Dreaming of Giants cover art


I was tempted to dismiss “Dreaming of Giants” as part of the trendy art rock revival but Mary Jennings has injected enough drama into her song to suggest that her true intention is to revive the days when songs could go big without selling out.

Review date:  October 12 2021

  The Hell Of It All by Tessa Fleur

The Hell Of It All cover art


“The Hell Of It All” is pleasing to the ear with the dreamy wistfulness conjured up by Tessa Fleur casting enough of a spell to open a musical conduit from the troubled today to the more idealistic times of yesterday. It’s a cosmic thing.

  The Clue by Josephine Philip

The Clue cover art


Low key and downbeat in her approach, Josephine Philip nonetheless exudes enough class and literate sentiment to gift wrap “The Clue” and send it on to those who seek more than just plastic smiles in their Spotify playlists.

  Setbacks by Joe Normal

Setbacks cover art


Blue collar superhero – well, he could be – Joe Normal simultaneously goes all piano mellow and manically ironic to take “Setbacks” all the way to the, hopefully Brooklyn, bridge. Throw in some fifties rock ‘n’ roll moves and you have a song that’s good enough for me.

Review date:  October 8 2021

  Down To Earth by Jessica Wilde

Down To Earth cover art


Jessica Wilde keeps her song “Down To Earth” resolutely on the civilised side of the street with her classy club voice guaranteeing this mid paced urban groove VIP entrance to past midnight hangouts of the style cognoscenti. The champagne is on the table.

  Listen by Step By Step-Project

Listen cover art


Robust in execution, Step By Step-Project tick all the mainstream rock radio style boxes with solid musicianship much to the fore. Seraina Telli’s in your face vocals provide enough colour and attitude to make “Listen” worthy of, wait for it, a listen.

Review date:  October 8 2021

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