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  Confetti Crown by F.O Machete

Confetti Crown cover art


More from Glasgow and this time it is F.O Machete’s turn to use all the power chords you can count on one hand and turn them into what might best be called an ode. “Confetti Crown” should be worn by more than just one.

  Do Your Worst by St Dukes

Do Your Worst cover art


It must be the better weather for “Do Your Worst” by Glasgow band St Dukes sounds it should be the soundtrack for an escape from the clouds. Sure, the lyrics verge on the downbeat but, in less than three minutes, this song will make you feel better.

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  Mamale by Oliver Cheuwa

Mamale cover art


Mellow is the clearly the way to go for Oliver Cheuwa with his song “Mamale” pulling all his musical influences into a rather hypnotic groove that seem to be borne of sunshine and better days. Uplifting and danceable.

  Fluid by Elias Bendix

Fluid cover art


Light and fluffy and full of positive vibes, “Fluid” flows like a song written to forever float on the river of life and Elias Bendix knows all the right indie pop moves to make it seem that this song would go on forever.

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  Doubling Down by Basil Breen

Doubling Down cover art


A singer songwriter from Ireland, Basil Breen takes no chances with his song “Doubling Down” and duly produces a song that has the requisite hook and ladder to climb into many a radio playlist. That’s safe to say.

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  I Actually Don’t Wanna Die by Sunnsetter

I Actually Don’t Wanna Die cover art


As the title might well suggest, “I Actually Don’t Wanna Die” is about as downbeat and downbeat goes with even the echoes of hope in the lyrics being incapable of moving this song out of angst territory. Sunnsetter clearly smiles not a lot.

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  Like A Bomb by Lauren Freebird

Like A Bomb cover art


There are a lot of sassy women in country music these days and Lauren Freebird duly adds herself to that roster with “Like A Bomb” being infused with both a bourbon for breakfast attitude and make your own dinner lyrics.

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  Orange Turned To Blue by Melanie Stevens

Orange Turned To Blue cover art


Much as I hate to admit it, I liked this song. “Qrange Turned To Blue” sounds like it should be carried on the wind with Melanie Stevens doing the whole heart on her sleeve lyric thing with some style. Nice voice too.

  When Youth Was Wasted by Dover Lynn Fox

When Youth Was Wasted cover art


“When Youth Was Wasted” is infused with that seventies singer songwriter vibe and is none the worse for that with Dover Lynn Fox throwing in some literate lyrics before taking her song to the bridge. This one is indeed easy on the ear.

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  Karen’s Couch by Her Skin

Karen’s Couch cover art


Another song with coffee shop sensibilities, “Karen’s Couch” makes a convincing case for another cappuccino as Her Skin turns up the guitars and mixes in enough angst ridden lyrics to make you want more.

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  Say It To My Face by Angela Chambers

Say It To My Face cover art


There’s nothing wrong with heart on your sleeve lyrics and Angela Chambers duly adds a healthy amount of them to her song “Say It To My Face” to provide some necessary counterpoint to the plastic production.

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  Human by The Hedrons

Human cover art


I remember catching The Hedrons at a bar in Glasgow some years ago and recall them as being a rather boisterous band. “Human”, however, is mellow middle of the road rock that is surely destined to be added to a Radio 2 playlist. Nice.

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