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  Waves by J Edna Mae

Waves cover art


The big ballad surreptitiously returns in the guise of “Waves” and J Edna Me duly amplifies the emotions with minimal piano and maximum swooping synths helping her take the song all the way from chorus to bridge. It’s a big one.

Review date:  March 20 2023

  What I Didn’t Tell You by Elia Orson

What I Didn’t Tell You cover art


I’m sure you (like me) know class when you hear it and “What I Didn’t Tell You” is just that. The vibe is nineties neo soul meets post-midnight jazz and Elia Orson’s voice poise and elegance will convince even jaded ears of the need to listen.

Review date:  March 20 2023

  Lemme Go by Alien Tango

Lemme Go cover art


Almost diffident in its untidiness, “Lemme Go” struts along the street to the sixties. The song sounds murky and, with little in the way of poetic lyrics, it is wonder that it works at all. But it does and that, methinks, is the Alien Tango magic.

Review date:  March 20 2023

  Nari Nari by Holbrook

Nari Nari cover art


Some songs run deeper than others and “Nari Nari” is such a song with Holbrook spinning their guitars into a coat of much meaningfulness and duly wearing it with style. There is, of course, European quirkiness stitched in but it’s quality nonetheless.

  Want To Go Back by Wolf Manhattan

Want To Go Back cover art


I can live with this one. “Want To Go Back” loops round the bedroom like a song borne of a well provisioned record collection yet Wolf Manhattan has the nous to revere his references rather than just replicating them. I shall sing along.

  IGOTCHA by Smoove & Turrell

IGOTCHA cover art


Solid old school dancefloor moves from Smoove & Turrell with “IGOTCHA” having the irresistible post-midnight vibe that would make even an archbishop put on his dancing shoes and speed into the dawn. Feel the groove.

Review date:  March 10 2023

  Mox Nox by Alison Eales

Mox Nox cover art


Once again, I feel a sigh coming on as “Mox Nox” by Alison Eales takes command of my ears. Sweetly sentimental, delightfully delicate and lyrically intelligent, this song is, in a way, a throwback to a time when quality mattered. This, my friends, is quality.

  VHS by Alex Kelman

VHS cover art


Packed full of droning synths and moody intent, “VHS” embodies the retro lo-fi vibe that its title would suggest with Alex Kelman executing his downbeat intentions with notable efficiency. The bleak tone is no doubt deliberate but the song hits it mark.

Review date:  March 10 2023

  Keep Her by Erin K

Keep Her cover art


It seems to be the week for sentimental songs and Erin K duly adds “Keep Her” to the “what becomes of the broken hearted” playlist. Her lyrical adeptness is always obvious and her level headed approach to telling it like it is has appeal.

  The Banks of Inverary by The Camans

The Banks of Inverary cover art


Scottish band The Camans resurrect a standard song called “The Banks of Inverary” and do the diligent and reverential thing by replaying it in a form that even the long gone would recognise. Then again, you can’t actually go wrong with a song like this.

Review date:  March 10 2023

  Snow Is Falling by Vladimir Cauchemar

Snow Is Falling cover art


Had to give this one a third listen as this curious hybrid of loops, guitar melodies and excessive plastic processing never seemed to go anywhere yet left me somewhere far away from where I started. Offbeat just about covers it. It must be a style thing.

  Peak 2023 by Chris Pellnat

Peak 2023 cover art


Ever wondered what a protest song might sound like in 2023? Pretty much the same as it would have sounded in 1968 if “Peak 2023” by Chris Pellnat is anything to go by. The lyrical references might well be of today but the irony is timeless.

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