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  Heaven Doesn’t Want Me by Miss Randall

Heaven Doesn’t Want Me cover art


Some solid rock breaking from Miss Randall with “Heaven Doesn’t Want Me” successfully reflecting all the old school rock moves with a suitable degree of deference. It isn’t 1975 any more but who cares when you have got a guitar solo to keep you company.

Review date:  September 7 2023

  Birthday Hat by Blush Club

Birthday Hat cover art


Doing the sub three minute angularity thing like they were born to do it are Glasgow’s Blush Club with “Birthday Hat” ticking all the style boxes for arthouse post punksters needing additional indie credentials on their playlists. This one bounces!

Review date:  September 1 2023

  Like The First Time by Alex Amor

Like The First Time cover art


The mainstream is no place for surprises these days and Alex Amor cleverly weaves her voice around the safety barriers that potential radio airplay opportunities create these days to duly make “Like The First Time” less of a stab in the dark.

Review date:  August 22 2023

  Unscramble by Nunki Bay Starship

Unscramble cover art


A bit of class from Budapest based band Nunki Bay Starship with their song “Unscramble” being full of rock solid rhythms, jazzy inflections served up with a dash of quirkiness. The female vocals lead the song with confidence and, as the inspired might say, the end justifies the means.

Review date:  July 14 2023

  Bad Machine by Soda Blonde

Bad Machine cover art


Plenty of processed goodness in this one with Soda Blonde adding all the coolest artificial ingredients from back in the days when such things quickened the pulse of the masses. “Bad Machine” does indeed sound like a machine but perhaps more good than bad.

Review date:  July 14 2023

  Open Your Eyes by Terry and The Good Time Boys

Open Your Eyes cover art


What’s this? A band that sound angry at the world that engulfs them? Indeed they do, and Terry and The Good Time Boys viciously merge their Britpop influences in with old school punk lyrical motivations to make “Open Your Eyes” more than worthy of a listen.

  Circle of Destruction by Sofia Talvik

Circle of Destruction cover art


Always a songwriter of maturity and elegance, Sofia Talvik delivers another intelligently worded and neatly performed song in “Circle of Destruction”. The quality is obvious and ears who hear beyond the melody will find that she is a protest singer for our time.

Review date:  July 7 2023

  Burn The World by Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

Burn The World cover art


The days of proper musicianship are not over with Burn The World providing the proof in their near six minute epic “Burn The World”. There’s an environmental message in the lyrics yet it is the fluency and precision of the assembled musicians that sticks in the mind.

Review date:  July 1 2023

  Getting Back To You by Swaye

Getting Back To You cover art


Taking the retro rock route, and none the worse for that, is Swaye with his song “Getting Back To You” reverberating with all the qualities that would have guaranteed radio play back in the day. Just as it was back then, easy on the ear is the way to go.

  Hello Darling by Anaklav

Hello Darling cover art

Super cool

Anaklav mercilessly loops the super cool into the disco meets house beats of “Hello Darling” with the result liable to induce maximum pleasure in the ears of the dance until dawn crowd. Not just for the dancefloor either as this one also has BMW driver appeal.

  Come Alive by Rosellas

Come Alive cover art


Rosellas walk the indie rock walk with some confidence and their song “Come Alive” even stretches their reach into the true rock arena by the simple expedient of including a decent guitar solo. All in all, not a bad effort.

  Hyperphoria by SHSHA

Hyperphoria cover art


Techno will never die, or so it seems, but the passing of time has given SHSHA the chance to polish those metronomic beats until they shine like a diamond. “Hyperphoria” is wordless, as you might expect but the beat goes on until the dawn.

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