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  Too Old to Rock by Sloth Fist

Too Old to Rock cover art


Coming straight down the interstate from Dallas are Sloth Fist with their loud and proud guitar powered rock until dawn song “Too Old to Rock. You’ve heard it before but, surely, that’s the point and are Sloth Fist really past their best? I think not.

Review date:  August 27 2022

  All Your Love by Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra

All Your Love cover art


Old style and old school soul from Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra and “All Your Love” duly ticks all the cool style boxes. In the matters of poise and performance, both singer and band never put a foot wrong. Take me to the river.

  Saturday Night by Major Parkinson

Saturday Night cover art


Moody vocals and synth riffs? That might well be a retro style move aimed at the trendies but there is much more depth to “Saturday Night” than that and Major Parkinson demonstrate that experience in the art of making music still counts.

Review date:  August 20 2022

  Achilles Heel by Burn the Louvre

Achilles Heel cover art


You can’t dislike a song that has both whistling and offbeat vocals and the quasi country rock quirkiness that Burn The Louvre have used to season their song “Achilles Heel” duly made a positive impression on these ears. It’s Canada dry, baby.

Review date:  August 20 2022

  Love and Power by Transviolet

Love and Power cover art


Even the most cynical ears can surely hear the surfeit of style in Transviolet’s “Love and Power”. Moody and deep in meaning, words and music intertwine as the song leads us to the bridge that we don’t really want to jump off. Supreme montage music.

Review date:  August 15 2022

  Beachy by The Aquadolls

Beachy cover art


Superficially fluffy but probably not, “Beachy” proves, once again, that The Aquadolls can do sugary sweet singalong pop songs that aren’t sentenced to be forever imprisoned in a shopping mall playlist. I worship them. Really I do.

Review date:  August 15 2022

  Spices by Blush Club

Spices cover art


Taking post punk angularity as their style signpost, Glasgow’s Blush Club duly walk the walk of ironic indifference with “Spices” reminding us all of the true value of an art school education yet, somehow, they get away with it. Cappuccino drinking bastards.

Review date:  August 15 2022

  T.O.M.L by Jessica Woodlee

T.O.M.L cover art


Jessica Woodlee must surely be a big city girl on the evidence of “T.O.M.L“and, with her finger firmly on the pulse of coffee shop society, she successfully uses urban angst and some bad boy riffs to take her song towards radio nirvana.

Review date:  August 15 2022

  Things Will Work Out by Robert Hawkins

Things Will Work Out cover art


You know the music business is in a sorry state when the best song of the week is a gospel one. Robert Hawkin’s tones down the God references enough to highlight that the fact that he has the talent to fill his song “Things Will Work Out” with soul. I hear and believe.

Review date:  August 14 2022

  Bad Behaviour by Garrett Paknis

Bad Behaviour cover art


No idea who Garrett Paknis is but he sounds like an escapee from the dancefloor with “Bad Behaviour” echoing around the VIP lounge like a sleazy slice of Pet Shop Boys reinvention remixed for post-midnight socialisation. It’s a style thing.

Review date:  August 14 2022

  Hollow by Bony Macaroni

Hollow cover art


As usual, it is back to the nineties for Bony Macaroni and “Hollow” is, once again, a neatly constructed and executed song that pulls all those Weezer references back out of the ether and puts them to singalong use. Time to turn the radio on!

  Mixtape by Gabrielle Metz

Mixtape cover art


Clever lyrics reference everything you’ve heard before yet it that, almost ironic, polish that gives undeniable ear appeal to the Nashville radio friendly “Mixtape” and Gabrielle Metz clearly knows how to make it all sound sincere. Commercial, it is.

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