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  Long Way Home by Miss Velvet

Long Way Home cover art


“Long Way Home” is a solid song using all the right rock moves to make it into mainstream playlists. Those female vocals are certainly robust and the guitars stay in overdrive all the way through the song yet the melody lingers on.

Review date:  May 20 2023

  Light In An Empty Room by Monad

Light In An Empty Room cover art


No one could accuse Monad of giving us an organic musical experience with “Light In Empty Room” yet this lo-fi, squeezed flat into distortion two minute song has a curious sonic appeal like something found on a random cassette from a thrift shop.

  Le Blank by Quad90

Le Blank cover art


Disco time travelling from Quad90 and they pull some Chic moves out of the style hat to provide the pulsing motivation for “Le Blank” with the wistful female vocals giving their song the legs to click until dawn’s early light. Sort of hypnotic, really.

Review date:  May 20 2023

  Embrace The Night by Gates of Light

Embrace The Night cover art


Some voices just won’t leave your ears alone and Louise Quinn has one of those voices. “Embrace The Night” exudes the cooler than cool vibe that she brings to everything and I would think that Gates of Light will be candy to the cognoscenti.

  Miniature Oceans by Xan Tyler

Miniature Oceans cover art


I keep thinking that I’ve heard Xan Tyler before – and I most likely have – with “Miniature Oceans” having the kind of appeal that gets radio appeal on the big radio stations. She sure sounds sweet and that’s a fact.

Review date:  May 20 2023

  Down To You by Brontës

Down To You cover art


Some more bouncy indie pop with dancefloor seasoning from Brontës with flighty female vocals once again sharing the spotlight with a solid bass groove. Toe tapping and melodic? That’s “Down to You” and you’d better believe it.

  It’s Fine by Bethany Cosentino

It’s Fine cover art


No idea where Bethany Cosentino is originally from but, if I were to hazard a guess, she’s in Nashville now with her song “It’s Fine” echoing both the blue collar sentiments and a stand tall message on its way to the bridge. It’s the way of today.

Review date:  May 5 2023

  Dreaming of Yesterday by Tiger Moths

Dreaming of Yesterday cover art


Following the perennially fashionable Americana road on their way to success, The Tiger Moths turn their song “Dreaming of Yesterday” into a singalong suitable for the festival circuit whilst still leaving in some endearing rough edges and right angled turns.

  As The Moon by Laura Brizuela

As The Moon cover art


Fashionably synthetic, Laura Brizuela makes all the right moves from the playbook that gets airplay on commercial radio stations these days. “As The Moon” isn’t a song to shock or surprise but it might well make your journey home a bit nicer.

  Time Will Tell by Riiver Brukes

Time Will Tell cover art


There is a decent amount drama to be found within the sub 3 minute duration of “Time Will Tell” and Riiver Brukes demonstrates both her confidence and her reverence for rock conventions like a guitar solo. I like guitar solos.

  Sail Away With Me by Caragh

Sail Away With Me cover art


Sweetly sentimental in approach, Caragh also demonstrates that she has more than enough poetic poise to power her song “Sail Away With Me” on the short journey from your speakers to your ears. Satisfying in a summer smoothie kind of way.

Review date:  April 30 2023

  How Would You Handle This? by George Katsos

How Would You Handle This? cover art


You can’t really argue with a man’s choice to use sixties’ pop influences and George Katsos certainly has used plenty of those very influences to fuel his song “How Would You Handle This?” with the looped minimalist percussion and keyboards holding the song up until the fade.

Review date:  April 29 2023

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