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  7’11 by Reyna

7’11 cover art


“7’11” plays out like low key bedsit electronica but there is enough in the way of poptastic hooks and ladders to give Reyna a chance at moving themselves into the fast lane. All it is going to take is a bit of luck.

Review date:  October 30 2020

  Soft Chains by Mear

Soft Chains cover art


Starting off fey and acoustic but gradually growing into something grander and altogether more electronic, Mear nonetheless strike the right emotional note with “Soft Chains” even if the song is rather more cerebral than it might at first seem.

Review date:  October 30 2020

  Mean Rock n Roller by MeMe Detroit

Mean Rock n Roller cover art

Tub thumping

Guitars. Drums. Bad attitude. Three things that you need to make a rock song work and those three things are to be found in “Mean Rock n Roller” by MeMe Detroit. Take me to the guitar solo, I said, and indeed they did. Rifftastic.

  Wasting Time by Yawn

Wasting Time cover art


Even if the machine runs the show throughout “Wasting Time”, it is still possible for a voice to score enough points to win the prize and Yawn duly takes the crown with a burst of inwardly targeted melancholy. Hypnotic.

Review date:  October 25 2020

  No Ghosts Walk by Paper Tigers

No Ghosts Walk cover art


I like a song that encourages delinquency and “No Ghosts Walk” by Paper Tigers does just that. A conventional rock start soon develops into a rasping, crash your car into the wall, three and a half minute house brick. Play loud.

Review date:  October 25 2020

  Under The Gun by Violent Vickie

Under The Gun cover art


Bleak synth pop has become something of a fashion statement these days with the robotic minimalism of “Under The Gun” ticking all the style boxes whilst allowing Violent Vickie to deliver her message on the dangers of conformity.

Review date:  October 24 2020

  The Battle Is On by Forces

The Battle Is On cover art

Ear friendly

I’m glad to report that someone has remembered how to write a proper pop song and “The Battle Is On” is a fine example of just that. Forces season with a big pinch of quirkiness but the song remains ear candy to the end.

Review date:  October 24 2020

  Flies by Jasmine Rodgers

Flies cover art


About as unassuming song as you might get in these troubled times, “Flies” nonetheless neatly demonstrates that Jasmine Rodgers can take us on a wind powered journey through the shadows into the dawn.

Review date:  October 24 2020

  The Paper by Leyya

The Paper cover art


Infused with enough wistful intent to induce a sugar craving, “The Paper” is plenty sweet and sufficiently hypnotic to easily introduce the low key wonders of Leyya to the curious ears of a wider audience.

Review date:  October 24 2020

  Hunter by Nico Ev

Hunter cover art


It may be kind of old school to give a lyric some metaphorical substance but that is just what Nico Ev has done betwixt start and end of “Hunter”. Adding in some supporting cello allows the song to exude class before discreetly fading out.

Review date:  October 17 2020

  Sunshine by Melissa Bel

Sunshine cover art


Poised and pleasingly robust of voice, Melissa Bel traverses the reverb barrier with passionate ease to take her song “Sunshine” all the way from the inside to the big outdoors. Without doubt, a singer and a song with ambition.

Review date:  October 17 2020

  Just Life by Blü Eyes

Just Life cover art


A rather better than average pop song, “Just Life” got me thinking of appropriate Taylor Swift comparisons yet Blü Eyes has enough in the way of individuality to keep her clear of being the next corporate musical toy.

Review date:  October 9 2020

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