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  Together Again by Bring Me The Hearts

Together Again cover art


It’s funny when you think of it. Bring Me The Hearts are a band from dear old England yet they do that super smooth west coast (of America) FM rock sound just like it should be done with sonorous female vocals and that mellow feel making me think of sunshine and sand.

  Sucker4u by Little Destroyer

Sucker4u cover art


Edgy to the point of being jumpy, Little Destroyer bang things together in the pursuit of passion, or at least the expression thereof, and sum it all up in three minutes or so. Call it “sucker4u” or call it a blunt object. It’s your ears.

  Broken Record by Somebody’s Child

Broken Record cover art


There’s enough indie in Somebody’s Child’s song “Broken Record” to make you go all sentimental for those good old days when the song meant everything. Cian Godfrey has the voice to carry it off though and you will want to hear the song again. True.

  Godspeed by Marek Kubala

Godspeed cover art


Synthesiser powered introspection is almost fashionable these days and Marek Kubala duly tracks layers of sequenced intensity into his song “Godspeed”. This isn’t one for a pub singalong but, if downbeat is your thing, add it to your playlist.

  Running in Circles by Pony Girl

Running in Circles cover art


Ah, the voice of the computer as seen from the corner cubicle of a coffee shop with the processed emotions resonating within “Running in Circles” neatly illustrating that Pony Girl are a product of our times. Just listen and all will become dark.

Review date:  September 12 2022

  Peace Out by Katrina Ford

Peace Out cover art


Brooding is the best way to describe “Peace Out” by Katrina Ford. Loops run through the song but Ms. Ford heads right into the freeform artistic equivalent to torment in order to breathe reality into her words. Not catchy but substantial, if you get my drift.

Review date:  September 12 2022

  Take Off by Hound

Take Off cover art

Power Pop

Glasgow’s Hound go all Weezer with their power pop song “Take Off” and successfully supply all the melody and singalong choruses that such a musical adventure requires. Then they take it to the bridge and it’s all hooks and ladders baby.

Review date:  September 12 2022

  CRISPR by Chicks on Speed

CRISPR cover art


Chicks on Speed take their song “CRISPR” for a long walk on the quirky side of the street. No idea what those right of the crackerjack box lyrics mean but they add a welcome degree of weirdness to the locked to the loop beats. Shang-A-Lang!

Review date:  August 27 2022

  Too Old to Rock by Sloth Fist

Too Old to Rock cover art


Coming straight down the interstate from Dallas are Sloth Fist with their loud and proud guitar powered rock until dawn song “Too Old to Rock. You’ve heard it before but, surely, that’s the point and are Sloth Fist really past their best? I think not.

Review date:  August 27 2022

  All Your Love by Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra

All Your Love cover art


Old style and old school soul from Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra and “All Your Love” duly ticks all the cool style boxes. In the matters of poise and performance, both singer and band never put a foot wrong. Take me to the river.

  Saturday Night by Major Parkinson

Saturday Night cover art


Moody vocals and synth riffs? That might well be a retro style move aimed at the trendies but there is much more depth to “Saturday Night” than that and Major Parkinson demonstrate that experience in the art of making music still counts.

Review date:  August 20 2022

  Achilles Heel by Burn the Louvre

Achilles Heel cover art


You can’t dislike a song that has both whistling and offbeat vocals and the quasi country rock quirkiness that Burn The Louvre have used to season their song “Achilles Heel” duly made a positive impression on these ears. It’s Canada dry, baby.

Review date:  August 20 2022

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