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  Dark Waters by Ben Hemming

Dark Waters cover art


Ben Hemming’s song “Dark Waters” exudes the brooding torment of a song with a deeper meaning with those grinding power chords taking the song for a stroll in the shadows with the ghost of seventies blues rock. Intensly muscular.

Review date:  September 22 2023

  My Place by Jacques Stereo

My Place  cover art


“My Place” is an endearingly fragile song that maintains a steady course on the sea of conventionality with the mix of earnest male vocals and the spectre of folk music ensuring that all who listen will do so on a calm sea.

Review date:  September 22 2023

  Flowers (We Have Grown) by Some Sprouts

Flowers (We Have Grown) cover art

Indie pop

I like a bit of indie pop in the morning. It smells like summer to me. “Flowers (We Have Grown)" duly has the pleasing pungency of a song whose fragrance induces memories of better times and Some Sprouts are indeed all that is good in the garden of music.

Review date:  September 22 2023

  What Could’ve Been by Lily Bedard

What Could’ve Been cover art


A neatly polished song, “What Could’ve Been” demonstrates that Lily Bedard has got all the moves a sensitive singer songwriter should have with the ear friendly production making this song one for the airwaves. Tune in with your heart.

Review date:  September 22 2023

  One More Night by Natalie Gray

One More Night cover art


It’s yesterday once more in synthwave land with Natalie Gray giving her song “One More Night” enough of a push to squeeze it on to a VHS tape of a John Hughes’ movie. This is an endearing song that keeps to the basics but gets it right.

Review date:  September 16 2023

  Come Around by Wadfah

Come Around cover art


“Come Around” might well be low rent indie pop but Wadfah has got the retro feel sorted out and her song duly pulls its vibe from happier times. This is not only a three minute pop song but also a reminder why the world needs three minute pop songs.

Review date:  September 7 2023

  Heaven Doesn’t Want Me by Miss Randall

Heaven Doesn’t Want Me cover art


Some solid rock breaking from Miss Randall with “Heaven Doesn’t Want Me” successfully reflecting all the old school rock moves with a suitable degree of deference. It isn’t 1975 any more but who cares when you have got a guitar solo to keep you company.

Review date:  September 7 2023

  Birthday Hat by Blush Club

Birthday Hat cover art


Doing the sub three minute angularity thing like they were born to do it are Glasgow’s Blush Club with “Birthday Hat” ticking all the style boxes for arthouse post punksters needing additional indie credentials on their playlists. This one bounces!

Review date:  September 1 2023

  Like The First Time by Alex Amor

Like The First Time cover art


The mainstream is no place for surprises these days and Alex Amor cleverly weaves her voice around the safety barriers that potential radio airplay opportunities create these days to duly make “Like The First Time” less of a stab in the dark.

Review date:  August 22 2023

  Unscramble by Nunki Bay Starship

Unscramble cover art


A bit of class from Budapest based band Nunki Bay Starship with their song “Unscramble” being full of rock solid rhythms, jazzy inflections served up with a dash of quirkiness. The female vocals lead the song with confidence and, as the inspired might say, the end justifies the means.

Review date:  July 14 2023

  Bad Machine by Soda Blonde

Bad Machine cover art


Plenty of processed goodness in this one with Soda Blonde adding all the coolest artificial ingredients from back in the days when such things quickened the pulse of the masses. “Bad Machine” does indeed sound like a machine but perhaps more good than bad.

Review date:  July 14 2023

  Open Your Eyes by Terry and The Good Time Boys

Open Your Eyes cover art


What’s this? A band that sound angry at the world that engulfs them? Indeed they do, and Terry and The Good Time Boys viciously merge their Britpop influences in with old school punk lyrical motivations to make “Open Your Eyes” more than worthy of a listen.

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