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  Bluesbunny Girl Gab and Gossip Vol. 2

Hello there, my darlings!  Since I was so disappointed in Sex and the City, The Movie, I just had to visit the cinema again to see if something could get my ears wiggling with delight.  Handsome Bluesbunny was asked along for this one too.  Well I had to do something with him - his whiskers were going round in circles as a result of staring at turntables all day.

And yes there it was in the adverts - the hors d'oeuvres of the evening - Rob Lowe - could one man be any more handsome? Like a good bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape he just gets better and better with age. Now perhaps Rob can achieve the unthinkable and actually be the only man in the entire universe who would look rather dashing in a thong with Orange written on the front of it!  (maybe he might even be able to make a pair of Speedo's look acceptable…) Sorry, my mind drifted away there (all I am saying ladies is don't dilly dally getting your popcorn - grab your seat and get stuck in… to the popcorn)

On to the main course - the movie, Gone Baby Gone - and oh boy, didn't they satisfy us… what a hearty feast was served up!  It was not glamorous but it was stunning. Not a Box Office success but this Bunny thought it was absolutely fabulous.  What is wrong with you America? - get with the programme!!   Why don't you think for once in your life?   This treasure of a movie was not dumbed down for the masses. Quite the opposite in fact.

Now don't get me wrong my Bluesbunny readers, I love a movie that entertains me.   Take for instance the hilarious Some Like It Hot or the amazing Odd Couple (p.s. I would have married Jack Lemmon in a heartbeat).  However, every now and again we need something to lift us out of our heels and make us stop crying over the fact that our much loved and over used GHD straighteners have died a death.

You would go and see Gone Baby Gone more than once because like other fantastic films (say, Taxi Driver) they leave an indelible mark.  And like a tub of really expensive face cream you want to make sure you have scraped every last possible precious drop out of it.   You really don't want any of it going to waste. Not a Hollywood style ending (did you know that BB doesn't only stand for Bluesbunny but it also stands for Brave Ben).  Well done handsome and immensely talented Ben Affleck for directing a movie that makes you think, makes you question and keeps you talking well into the night, so much so one misses out on the vital beauty sleep that one must have.

casey affleck

It has the grit and realism of a European made movie - is that why the good old US of A couldn't handle it?  Too real for them? No sugary ending? Each and every single actor played their role exceptionally well - not overcooked just simmered to perfection.   Is young Casey a Robert de Niro in the making? Perhaps. Not a bad height to aim for (though Robert the Great always appeared on the short side to me).  The wonderful Morgan Freeman was also part of the offering (no wonder this man was chosen to play God in Bruce Almighty). I mean darlings - it is about principles, it is about real life, it is about doing the right thing. So much is packed into this tasty dish. 

Talking of tasty - my my, the Affleck elders produce handsome offspring.   How often do you get two siblings who are both intelligent and talented?   Where have you been hiding all my life young Casey…

Bluesbunny Girl wants more of the Affleck squared.  Yes these two can do a lot for Bluesbunny Girl's mind, soul and… well you can guess the rest. As Ed Harris says, you've got to 'pick a side' and this little Bunny is choosing to frolic on the side of the Hollywood Hills that makes movies of this calibre. I raise my glass to the Affleck boys (martini glass, of course)

If you, my dear Bunny readers, don't get something out of this move then I will willingly give you my best pair of skyscraper heels. (I will even throw in some Oakley sunglasses)


(6 Manolos - A pair each for the handsome and talented Affleck Boys and a pair left over for the wonderful Mr. Ed Harris)

Author: Bluesbunny Girl