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  Reviewers and their Critics

It's nice to get feedback when Bluesbunny does reviews. Unfortunately we only seem to get feedback when people don't like what we have written but, hey, this is a democracy (oh, the sarcasm…). Anyway, we got a good one recently. As we couldn't reply to it as it had come from a false email address, we thought we would let you read it. Names have, of course, been changed to protect the identity of the artists involved. The email went as follows:

"Totally disagree with regards to review on Artist X's gig at a Glasgow venue. I went along to see Artist X, but found Support Act A amazing. Support Act A is a very talented musician and songwriter who will be huge next year. Shame shit reviewers like "handsome bunny" don't give Support Act A the support much deserved. An excellent set by an excellent glaswegian! The crowd loved Support Act A."

Our reply would have been along the lines of:

For your information, Support Act A (and indeed Unknown Artist A as Support Act A was before) have received a lot of coverage from us. Shame you could not be bothered to check before making your remarks.

I shall forward your comments to the reviewer. After reviewing almost 200 musicians and bands that year (how many people in Glasgow do that?), I am sure he will be distraught at being described as "shit" by someone with your "limited" outlook.

Another point - when was the last time that you were at a gig and people DIDN'T applaud.

And finally, an "excellent Glasgwegian"? I think that it would take more than singing a couple of songs to gain that honour!

(By the way, we can actually track where the message came from. That is what web server logs are for. Just like they do on the television, in fact. Now that did actually make us laugh! No, we're not telling either)

Author: Bluesbunny Editor