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  Vendor Defender Demo

vendor defender

We don't do often do demos here at Bluesbunny (it takes up all of our time to review finished product…) but we also like to keep our finger on the pulse of things here in Glasgow. So we put this demo into the trusty CD player and pressed the play button.

The three tracks here are from Vendor Defender who, according to their bio, have been together for about a year. "Justin" is a lightweight but infectious ska flavoured song. "Katie Turnstile" is straight down the line indie rock by numbers. Ok I suppose but there is a lot of it about. Their last song, "SwimAwayFugu" again follows the same indie rock path.

There's promise on show in these three tracks but like a number of other local bands, they have played a little too safe here and have followed a well trodden path instead of striking out on their own. Certainly "Justin" shows that they are capable of doing just that and I hope to see them develop that individuality in future releases.


Author: Bluesbunny