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  Bluesbunny Top Ten Live Gigs of 2009 (Local Acts)

As Bluesbunny does a lot of live reviewing, it seems like a good idea to do a top ten list of bands that have impressed us this year and this particular list is limited to bands from round about Central Scotland. That means you will probably be able to see them for yourselves soon. By the way, the list is in no particular order. It was in order but has been randomly shuffled so that I wouldn't be right and wrong at the same time.

As usual, the standard of sound at many venues proved something of a disappointment and it was also noted that sell-outs were distinctly rare this year. No doubt that is recession related so we should all give thanks to our beloved government for taking the time between making expenses claims to cripple the entertainment industry. At this rate, all that is going to be left is Saturday night television.

And the marks from the Luxembourg jury are…

1. Woodenbox at King Tuts on 13 June 2009
Woodenbox are the kind of band that brings joy to the world. That night they provided the glorious proof but, if you were there, then you know that already. Read the full review

2. The Viragoes at the Liquid Ship on 26 June 2009
A somewhat mercurial band, they set the basement of the Liquid Ship on fire that night with a smoking set. Hot, hot, hot! Read the full review.

3. Shimmer at Pivo Pivo on 9 September 2009
Neat, focussed and melodic performance. That might not sound like much but the band were right on the money and convinced all that heard them. Read the full review.

4. Kick to Kill at Pivo Pivo on 23 July 2009
Intense, emotional performance that highlighted this band's potential. Read the full review.

5. Foxgang at Nice and Sleazy on 2 December 2009
Quirky, left of centre band that played to a less than enormous audience. However, you couldn't doubt their musical abilities. Pure class. Read the full review.

6. The Dirt at The State Bar on 13 November 2009
A duo that did murder ballads in the basement of the State Bar. Sounds just about right to me. And it was. Read the full review.

7. Laki Mera at the Classic Grand on 30 October 2009
Out of nowhere came Laki Mera. Polished post rock meets electronica with compelling female vocals. A total surprise but simply magical. Read the full review.

8. Iona Marshall at the Liquid Ship on 28 August 2009
Bringing an entrancing mix of folk and ambient electronica to the Liquid Ship was Edinburgh's Iona Marshall. Her music stuck in the mind long after the gig. Read the full review.

9. Susanna Macdonald at the Liquid Ship 16 july 2009
A national treasure, no less. Susanna Macdonald performs with all the dedication of a psychopathic Sunday school teacher. No one does light and shade like her (even if she is a bit scary). Read the full review.

10.  Dave Arcari at the Liquid Ship on 23 June 2009 
That's Dave f*cking Arcari to you! Whisky fuelled, this bluesman never gives less than 100%. Read the full review.

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