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  Catching Up With Federation of The Disco Pimp


What’s funky about Glasgow? Other than the smell, not much, you might say. Well, until now. Federation of the Disco Pimp are set to launch “More Than Dancing” at the Glasgow Jazz Festival on June 29th. I spoke to Marco Cafolla, the songwriter and keyboardist for the group. It had been about a year since we last spoke, and Marco had plenty to say.

The seven-piece FOTDP (as they are abbreviated to) are not your average band. They are not even your average funk band. Proving that influences only count for so much, the band have amassed a considerable fanbase across the world on the strength of their excellent “Gimme Some Light” album.

A notable supporter of the band is Joel Hamilton, acclaimed producer of everyone from Elvis Costello Tom Waits to Bernie Worrell and beyond. Beyond writing a letter of recommendation to Creative Scotland for the band, Joel also invited the band to his New York studio, where their new album was completed. “Joel also plays drums on some of the tracks,” said Marco. “I really hate the word ‘genius,’ but Joel really is a genius! We had five days over there, and we mixed the album in four days. So we had a free day. As well as doing the album, we spoke a lot about goals and ideals. In five days in Joel’s company, I think I learned more about music than in four years of university!”

It is worth considering that FOTDP, in their infancy as a band, were hand-picked by Hamilton, who was eager to work with the group. “He obviously likes and believes in what we’re doing,” said Marco.

Other supports include Christian Bragg of Jazz FM and actor and DJ Craig Charles. The latter has given extensive airplay to the band, while they toured the UK with Charles on his live DJ nights, and will be doing so again this summer. Marco said of the one-time Red Dwarf star: “Craig and his whole team have been so supportive. They’ve really championed us. When we got the album finished, they played it four weeks in a row!”

With the forthcoming “More Than Dancing” attracting particular attention from America and Japan, it’s safe to say that Scotland may finally have found an international musical export that we can be proud of. Federation of the Disco Pimp play The Rio Club on Friday 29 June 2012 with the James Taylor Quartet and Craig Charles.

Tickets are available here.

Author: Peter McGee