Live Reviews

  The Bottleneckers live at McChuills in Glasgow

God sends me signs. He makes it rain so that I know that I have to do a review on the way home. Come to think of it, he must want a lot of people to do reviews on the way home. That would explain the incessant rain. Think I'll take shelter in McChuills.

The Bottleneckers are a tight five piece r 'n' b band and they hark back to the days when r 'n' b had nothing to do with bling and Cadillac SUVs. Well maybe the Caddy would still be something to do with it but it would have to be a 1959 Fleetwood coupé. Nothing else would do. They play a lot of covers from that classic era but they do it well. Why do they do it well, I hear you ask? Of course you didn't actually ask but I'll tell you anyway. Their love for that kind of music is obvious. It's infectious too and they even manage to induce dancing amongst the audience, or at least the peroxide and sparkly dress part of it anyway. Well worth your time if you like that kind of thing (and most right minded people will).

Guinness finished and back to the journey home. Three French girls on the train. One has a stuffed dinosaur. She tells me it is going to down to the sand. She laughs. I smile nervously. Maybe something got lost in the translation?

Review Date: December 5 2009