Live Reviews

  Sugar Crisis, Miss the Occupier, Little Doses, The Dirty Cuts, TheRedShow, Boygirlanimalcolour live at Capitol in Glasgow

It's Sunday night and there's music to be heard - at Capitol, no less. Sounds good. Neither lack of sleep or awful Chinese food can keep this 'bunny down. As the saying goes, "Anything worth having is worth…suffering for." So from the State Bar we hop to Capitol. Bunnies are less susceptible to black ice than people, you know.

Boygirlanimalcolour were on first. Obviously not taking themselves seriously at all, you could just about smell the influence of Nirvana. Brimming with youthful energy and enjoyment, this power trio put in a set that is sure to win them the respect of their friends and family. A decent performance from an average band.

Next up were Edinburgh act Little Doses who were noticeably more businesslike onstage. Songs such as "Stolen Cars", built on a tasty guitar lick, gave the audience reason to applaud in a more than obligatory manner. Front woman Kirsten's vocals rose nicely over the guitars while the rhythm section were undoubtedly the unsung heroes of the set. Look out for this band. You might just like them.

The Dirty Cuts took to the stage. Now, you wouldn't feel ashamed to dance to this act. Delivering a radio-friendly pop-punk sound, there seemed an underlying deviance in their sound. However, on a purely musical level, they put in a commendable performance. From this set we can conclude that The Dirty Cuts are three guys and a girl, who, collectively, are intent on doing evil things with their music. Evil is good in this case.

They were to be followed by TheRedShow. Their set fell somewhere within the confines of punk, blues and rock, and tracks such as "Nurse" went some way to suggest that they're adept at melding all three into three-minute hard rock assaults. Nothing flashy, but a solid performance from a band confident in their own sound. Expect to see more of this mob.

Miss The Occupier have been making quite a name for themselves in Scotland recently and didn't let anybody down tonight. While frontwoman Roz was perhaps more rigid than usual, she led her band through a host of enjoyable indie-punk gems from their repertoire, with "All Night" allowing guitarist Magnus a little of the limelight. Performances like this are sure to give further credence to this act's rising popularity in the country.

Last, but by no means least, came Sugar Crisis. This electro pop duo are almost too cute for their own good. There was nothing even remotely complex about their set. Neil and Lorna shared musical duties - Lorna with her guitar and Neil on keyboard and programming duties. Decidedly 80s in sound, there's a cheesy element to their set but it's near-impossible to dislike songs like "Stuck In Traffic" no matter who you are. You can try and ignore them, but Sugar Crisis are here to be loved.

A nice evening of music. Not long until Santa comes. At this point in time there is no more vulgar a thought than that of Christmas shopping. Time for some much-delayed sleep. That's procrastination for you. Goodnight.

Review Date: December 20 2009