Live Reviews

  Skinny Villains, ShoesOnFire, Curly's Heroes, The Acutones live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Right, I'm in a basement again. This time it is the basement of Pivo Pivo for a little soiree organised by Oanadid Records. Just for a change, it is a competitive event and the bands are playing for a potential single release and the results of the voting (the audience gets to vote, by the way) will be found on the Oanadid website.

First to take up the challenge were Skinny Villains. Four seems to be the lucky number for bands these days and there were indeed four in this band. Skinny Villains specialise in sparky pop songs that run around the room licking your hand like a big happy dog. Performance wise, they were just a bit untidy tonight but you can't deny their charm.

The next contender was ShoesOnFire. Imagine, if you will, that Jim Morrison had been resurrected from the dead but had been unable to find the rest of the Doors. Stumbling wild eyed along the street, he meets three other lost musical souls and they form a band that would plunder ever sub genre of rock music in the last forty years. Everything was on show here from rock guitar riffs to disco. Let's be honest here. ShoesonFire gave a performance that just reeked of decadence and, while I don't know if they could ever be classed as commercial, they were great to watch.

Next into the ring were Curly's Heroes. This four piece band stayed pretty close to what you would expect of a young Glasgow indie rock band these days. They seasoned their songs with a touch of punk and a pinch of ska but it has to be said that, despite a lot of support from the audience, they appeared ill at ease and did little to return the audience's favours.

The Acutones were last to the stage. Compared to the previous band, they were almost clinically perfect. Well rehearsed and extremely competent, they smoothly worked their way through a short set of songs that would surely make them the housewives' favourites in no time at all. They are just the sort of band that would find a home on Saturday night television.

So, a voice in your head says to you - "Do you believe in angels?"  You're not sure what that means but she does have beautiful eyes and she does describe selected beers as food. If I were to believe in angels, then I would have all the proof I needed.

Review Date: January 5 2010