Live Reviews

  Mountain Man, I Drew Ferg and Conspirator live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Anyway, I was thinking about Shetland ponies. Not in the improper way that a German would, but more in a practical way. It would be good to have a pet that women thought was cute but was also able to get you home from the pub. The last proviso pretty much excludes rabbits, puppies and guinea pigs from consideration. Shetland ponies, so it turned out, weren't a popular choice with the ladies and, after some further thorough research, the best option was determined to be a genetically modified giant badger. Apparently you can get one from a farm in Kinross.

To the music, methinks. First on was Mountain Man - who hails from Edinbugger - and he did the acoustic one man and a guitar thing so beloved of men who do the acoustic one man and a guitar thing. He did appear a touch nervous or at least I assumed that was the cause of his wavering pitch. It might just have been his style, of course, and from his words, perhaps his nerves have also stopped him getting the girl on more than one occasion.

Rather more dynamic and polished was I Drew Ferg. Again, this was just one man and his acoustic guitar but he showed that confidence is key. Whilst his songs strayed little from what you would expect, his voice captured your attention. He might well be worth watching out for as there was a sparkle to his performance that many might find appealing.

Last on were a covers band. I think they were called Conspirator. There's really not a lot to say about a covers band as their purpose is to play songs that everybody knows have been done better before. Lead singer Barry Moore did his bit well though and it would be interesting to hear his own songs.

Words, words. Where do these words come from? Divine inspiration? From her? Every time she smiles, I know the answer.

Review Date: January 11 2010