Live Reviews

  Supermarionation and Otaku live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Maybe it's the clean living but I have given serious thought to how I should achieve the government's directive of five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. Especially as they exclude popular contenders such as cider (made from apples) and crisps (made from potatoes). So, in the interests of long, healthy and not doubt boring life, I eschew the charms of Krusovice for a glass of orange juice. She tells me that she has adopted a similar approach. She looks like she is having a harder time adapting to it than I but, even when she is suffering, her eyes sparkle like sapphires in the starlight.

To business. Taking off the VAT and you'd have four a day which, coincidentally, was the number of bands that were supposed to be on the bill tonight. An awkward segue I know, but I'm writing this without my customary hangover. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that only two bands that made the effort to turn up tonight.

First of these were Supermarionation who, it turned out, were from Edinburgh. Being decent chaps, this threesome extended their set to fill the gap left by the missing bands. I've noticed before that the standard of musicianship tends to get better the further east you go in this country and Supermarionation proved no exception. A neat and tidy little pop rock band, they nailed their songs to the wall in a melodic, good natured and almost damnably polite way.

Following on were Otaku. Again from the east, they launched into an energetic set of power pop that owed more to mainstream America than this country. No bad thing, of course, as that meant they didn't miss an opportunity to hook you into every each and every one of their songs. Even though the mother of one of the band was in the audience - it was the impromptu chorus of happy birthday that tipped me off - they ended their set with a song whose lyrics consisted with the persistent and cheeky use of just two words. I think his mother was blushing… Nonetheless, Otaku were the kind of band that brought a smile to your face and that is a very good thing.

One for the road? Perhaps not. I think I'll go home and dream of beer. 27 days to go.

Review Date: February 2 2010