Live Reviews

  Martin Livingstone, IDriveHome and Augusta Fireball live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

You don't give much thought to cheese, do you? I don't or hadn't until now. She tells me she is giving up cheese. She looks me straight in the eye while she tells me that. I think it must be Lent but sometimes she says things just to give me something to write about. She smiles. Writing about her smile would be easy but writing about cheese will need considerably more thought and effort…

Augusta Fireball hit the stage first and this duo soon made an impression. Sounding like the stripped down, psyched out sons of a long lost rock behemoth, they punched well over their weight with songs that belied the limitations that should come with only a guitar and a set of drums.

From Livingston came Martin Livingstone. I know that was an awkwardly obvious segue and it has to be said that Mr Livingstone and his band did seem a bit awkward and wooden at times - not helped by being knocked off their stride by some technical problems - but what shone through his set was the quality of the songs like "Sleeping With Angels". He's got a new EP out now as well.

Travelling from Dundee for tonight were three young chaps collectively going by the name of IDriveHome. Ostensibly, they were pushing their new single "Vegas" but what actually impressed most was not the music but their good natured attitude to performing - it's rarer than you think. With a youthful enthusiasm that easily overcame their technical limitations and the fact that they actually held a raffle mid set, you had to reach the conclusion that IDriveHome knew how to entertain.

Three bands and not a single cheese analogy in sight. I must be losing my touch.

Review Date: February 9 2010