Live Reviews

  Futuristic Retro Champions and Ace City Racers live at the 13th Note in Glasgow

With good intentions firmly out the window, there was only one thing to do - head to the 13th Note, where the Futuristic Retro Champions were holding a launch night for their latest EP. You gotta go backwards to go forwards, don't ya?

The garage rock field is a wide one with many acts trying to make a name for themselves. Based on this outing, it's fair to say that the Ace City Racers are getting there. Shamelessly exhibiting clear pop influences, it wasn't long before the crowd reacted to their performance with their feet. In acceptance, of course. While lacking polish and stage presence, it's likely that this will come with experience and I'd expect this act to make a fixture of themselves on the Scottish music circuit.

A quick word for Skitten, who are believed to have split just hours before the show. Alas, we hardly knew you.

It's fair to say that most in attendance were here to see the Futuristic Retro Champions. Honestly, I can see why. This cutesy-poo quartet are an instant party. Cute, fun, and so contemptibly cheesy that it just makes sense - even the most vehement of electro-pop haters may be converted by shows like this. Taking all the despicable elements of 80's music and making likeable pop songs from them is an art and in this act we have masters of the craft. Get out and see them.

Time to catch the bus home. You just know it's going to be one of those nights of little sleep. Unless the day-before football drunks are out in force. Then it's a night of no sleep.

Review Date: February 27 2010