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  Martin Metcalfe, Fiona Crawford, El Dog live at the 13th Note in Glasgow

There's just not enough time in the day. You can explore every emotion you can conjure, but there's still no way to establish a control over time. Life just isn't fair and we get on with it. Or try to. Scottish alt-rock mainstay Martin Metcalfe was given a warm welcome back to Glasgow and he didn't let down any of his followers.

On last night's evidence, Bob and Alan - one half of Glasgow rockers El Dog - could put serious thought into raiding a few of Glasgow's open mic comedy nights such was the hilarity that came with their patter between songs. However, that would be unfair on the music scene. Matching kind vocal melodies with intricate guitar patterns, this duo will have won over more than a few fans with this performance. A particularly emotive rendition of "Let It Snow" stood out. Not quite the correct season, but we can forgive them. Watch out for this band - they might just erupt one day. You'll feel it.

Next up was Fiona Crawford. Formerly of Rocketfox, this young lady has since turned her talent to her own music, and, to put it plainly, you should all be thankful. Joined by a female friend, the crowd were treated to some breezy folk-pop that never threatened to develop into something stormy. Indeed, the gentle sincerity of Ms Crawford's vocals kept the room volume down to an appreciative hush throughout. Cute enough to make you forget how cold it is outside, this girl is doing something right, and I'd advise you to witness it.

It's fair to say that Martin Metcalfe wasn't expecting quite the response he got when asking for song requests. Having already delivered a host of songs from his various groups (including "Suffocate Me",  "Sleazy Death", and more), he was then inundated with song requests - "She's Got Eggs" being a particularly bizarre ask - and seemed visibly impressed by the variety of songs requested. Never one to let his crowd down, Metcalfe did his best to accommodate every ask and did so with aplomb.

Even in this acoustic environment, Metcalfe's guitar work came off as extremely impressive, and it's easy to see why people from all across Scotland had flooded into Glasgow just for this show. When "Goodbye Mr MacKenzie" was played, the audience became of fine voice. I'm just surprised it took them so long to do so. An impressive outing. Diehards will have gone home satisfied, and newcomers will have had their eyes opened.

Time to go. Run, run, run. There's just not enough time in the day.

Review Date: March 10 2010