Live Reviews

  The Upbeat Beatdown. The Whisky Works, Roxbury live at Stereo in Glasgow

It was wet, cold and dark and the trains were delayed so I was in need of some serious cheering up! I can only profusely apologise to the lads that are Roxbury as what seemed to be the latest train in the history of British transport had me arrive just in time to hear "…This is the our last song." The one number I did hear was upbeat and catchy and the good news for Roxbury is that I genuinely wished I hadn't been late and believe me I've seen plenty of bands who had the adverse effect. Sorry again guys.

Up next came the Whisky Works who blasted through a set of fast and fierce songs. The shining star from this powerful quintet came in the form of a drummer who flawlessly executed his impressive beats linked together with sensational fast fills. They have recently been signed to a small label and they more than showed their worth. They were energetic and worked well as a unit. Their album comes out in May so keep your eyes and ears open for this powerful and impressive act in the near future.

And now for something completely different. Last but by no means least, the Upbeat Beatdown played their first gig together. They put an incredibly entertaining set of catchy songs together that had half the room dancing and the other half nodding their heads in approval. This band have obviously worked hard and held their fun filled set together without complications. There were guitars, drums, trumpets, saxophones, synths and I dare not forget what can only be described as the meatiest sounding bass guitar I have ever heard. The guitarist "Stoo Ed" was superb and delivered a stand out performance. He was supported by an accomplished rhythm section and well thought out backing and counter vocal melodies. Frontman Fraser Lindsay joked about his saxophone and synth skills but he didn't disappoint as he lead his four colleagues through the most fun set of songs that I have heard on the unsigned stage. I challenge anyone to find a more entertaining, happy and upbeat (excuse the pun) band.

What looks set to be the first of many successful gigs for this funky, cheerful and well organised group was well worth the ticket price which also impressively granted free entry, a queue jump and a private balcony in the Garage. Well done guys. A must see.

All things considered a great night and a good mix of music. I left in a much better mood than when I arrived.

Review Date: March 11 2010