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  Sonny Marvello, The Cinnamons, Ross Hamilton live at Stereo in Glasgow

mercedes sprinter van

The Mercedes Sprinter is a damn fine van. I've tested it extensively so I know. I also know that's why I've had little in the way of sleep. Never mind that - unless you are in the market for a van - as words had to be written on Sonny Marvello, The Cinnamons and Ross Hamilton.

It's a difficult thing to convince an audience when you are but one man and an electric guitar but Ross Hamilton succeeded where many have failed. Showing a deftness and subtlety that belied his indie rock haircut, he populated his set with some very commercial songs and a confident, dynamic delivery.

Ah, The Cinnamons! Electro pop meets indie rock. Twee keyboards competed with grinding grooves that would have shamed the more intense practitioners of power chords. They brought light to a room even though the words that reverberated in the shadows were anything but cheery. If you've got to do moody then this was the way to do it.

Then Sonny Marvello played their greatest hits. Seriously. Every song sounded like a hit. Their single "Easy Boys". Exemplary power pop in "Pull Me Up". Near disco breakdowns to keep the hairdressers on a night out in ecstasy. Stage presence to capture the heart and soul of an audience. I think that's a long enough list to make the point. Maybe the record industry has devolved to a state when they no longer have ears? Or eyes. Somebody must take this band to the big time.

In fact, there's only one thing that is better than Sonny Marvello and that is a Mercedes Sprinter van. I really need some sleep.

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