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  Unite the Divide, Fist Fights with Old Men, Psychotropic System live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Thoughts of crime fill my head. Being an honest, upstanding citizen just isn't really doing it for me these days. I ask her if she would care to join me on an escapade filled with robbery, murder and mayhem. She - using that rather strange female logic - thinks that a life of crime would help keep her on the straight and narrow. No moral or ethical dilemmas for her then.  Perhaps giving her a gun wouldn't be the best of plans…

Oh, the bands. Nearly forgot them…

Unite the Divide did a proficient set of punk rock flavoured songs that sounded older than you might expect from a band so young. They knew where they were coming from.

Fist Fights With Old Men. Fist Fights With Old Men? There's a clever name for a band. In a short set that highlighted attitude over ability, they thumped and crashed in an amiably aimless fashion. Rehearsal is not a dirty word, by the way.

Psychotropic System were rather more interesting. Interesting as in a puzzle, that is. The guitarist blasted out cliché heavy rock riffs with a big smile on his face and the female drummer did a sterling job of trying to hold things together while stopping the other three member so the band from wandering off and hurting themselves. A shambolic performance then but I think - and hope - they could do better.

Join me for the next thrilling instalment of the life and times of a reviewer on the lam.

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