Live Reviews

  One Man Town, Interval and ABC Schmee live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

In a world full of torment and confusion, there is always comfort to be found in beer.  With a welcoming smile and sparkling eyes, she serves me that first pint of the day. Tonight she has a sidekick. He informs me that French women smell nice. I wonder what he got his community service order for?

The first band to play tonight were One Man Town. I had thought that art-pop was dead but here was a band that didn't think so. With stylised vocals and a complex approach to song construction, they showed that the genre was alive and well. You can't pull off this type of thing without a serious amount of rehearsal and this was reflected in the technical quality of their performance.

Visiting from France were a four piece band called Intervale (hope I spelt the name right…). Now this was an all night party band that merged pop sensibilities right into funk and, to put it simply, this was a live band that you could dance to. It's as simple as that and they had that infectious charm that only bands that really know what they are doing have. They were also hopelessly cool in that Gallic way. Catch them if you can even if it involves going to France.

Rounding off the evening were ABC Schmee. A lot harder and rockier than our French visitors - well they would be as they hail from Ayr - and initially somewhat overwhelmed by what had passed before, they recovered their footing to belt out a fast paced set underpinned by old style electro keyboards that complemented the call and response vocals. Given the evidence, there might well be an audience out there waiting for them.

Public transport next. You meet the nicest people on the last train home. Oh yes you do! Oh no you don't!

Review Date: March 23 2010