Live Reviews

  The Scuffers, Ross Mitchell live at The Liquid Ship in Glasgow

You know, the life of a review writer is a simple one albeit a poor one. A normal day usually goes like this; wake up with a headache (due to last nights drinking), consume the leftover pizza from the aforementioned drinking session then listen to music - see simples as a particularly popular meerkat would say but on this particular day I only done the latter.

I arrive late and miss the first act which is unfortunate but I'm just in time for the second. That act is a man who goes by the name of Ross Mitchell. His set was pretty decent but nothing to special and he did a couple of covers including an acoustic version of "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z. He also performed some of his own material such as "The City" and "First Love" - both songs were pretty well written. The guy is a decent enough musician but nothing too special - just your bog standard singer song writer.

The last act of the night were The Scuffers, a country/folk band who I was looking forward to see as they had been recommended by a fellow reviewer so I was hoping not to be disappointed and in the end I most certainly wasn't. They played songs such as "High and Low" and "Caravans" both of which showcased the bands songwriting abilities. All of their tracks were catchy and well sung with the backing vocals adding an extra dimension to their performance They ended their extended set with "Swansong", a song about promoters in Glasgow. In all honesty, I found them to be a terrific band who exceeded all my expectations with their witty songwriting and toe tappingly terrific tunes. If this band doesn't make it big I'll lose my faith in the music industry - seriously check them out.

So another night over and another review done. After spending much of the night in the corner sipping at diet Coke and taking notes, I decided to become sociable and discussed the night's music with the house sound engineer Pat to which we both agreed the Scuffers performance was something special.

On that final note, I went home for some much needed food.

Review Date: March 25 2010