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  Mother Midnight, Casino City, Future Robot Sex, We Don't Mind the Weather live at Stereo in Glasgow

What is it about the rain that seems to motivate people? That's a question that continually hastens itself back to the frontline of my mind. As it happens, Scottish springtime involves the odd spell of rain. Finding tonight to be no exception, sanctuary was sought in Stereo. Turns out there was music to be heard. Vegan food is not to be sniffed at but beer and music will do for now, thanks.

First to the stage were Future Robot Sex. Though seemingly unrehearsed, the band - formed from the ashes of The Young Guns - showed some diligence in reworking material from previous projects. Catchy, smart, and annoyingly likeable, their only problem seems lie in their inconsistency. With steady gigging, this band could make a name for themselves locally. And somebody give the frontman a pack of cigarettes.

What's this? A burlesque performance? Welcome onstage Ms Roxy Stardust. I'm sure a few burlesque virgins in the crowd will have had their eyebrows raised.

Casino City were on next. Led by the bullish swagger of frontman Stephen, the band tore through a set of intense, at times psychedelic lad-rock. Sounding like they'd just taken Kasabian in a drunken brawl (later making amends over a beer), they had every reason to come off confident. Go and see them for the sake of proving your testicular fortitude.
Let's hear it for Ms Whisky Blitz! Hope nobody brought their parents. Then again, there's every chance they'd have appreciated the nature of burlesque seeing past what some miserly people view as crude. Well done. 

We Don't Mind The Weather are the latest in the line of emotionally sensible young lads whose songs portray how emotionally fragile they are. As was the style at the time. With neat musical ideas (occasionally undone by idling guitar chugging) and a niche teenage market already in place for them, they're bound to do just fine.

Mother Midnight rounded off the evening with an impressive set of blues-tinged rock. Hinting at primeval influences, but evidencing their own keen take, it was no struggle to enjoy their performance.

Alas, the evening had reached its end. Still raining, I see. Aha! Pubs are still open.

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