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  Stornoway, Dead Sea Souls live at King Tuts in Glasgow

Can't think what I used to do on a Tuesday night. Probably watched television or something but I'm pretty sure it didn't involve a visit to King Tuts to pass opinion on Stornoway and Dead Sea Souls.

dead sea souls

Last time I encountered Dead Sea Souls was a couple of years back on their home ground in West Lothian where they proved the perfect Friday night party band. Judging by the audience reaction, nothing much has changed with their one size fits all basslines and their habit of turning every song into a chant getting those feet moving. Likewise, their buoyant onstage attitude represented a refreshing change from moody indie rockers. So get yourself another beer, pretend it is Friday and get dancing!

Stornoway were down on power - missing two members - so perhaps this was not the best time to judge them. There were certainly plenty of their fans in the audience but the band still came across as a little more than a low budget pastiche of Arcade Fire. Everything was nicely performed, of course, in that polite folksy way and the songs undoubtedly had interesting guitar tunings but excitement just wasn't on the menu. Life should be learning experience and I now know what Ovaltine sounds like.

Beer or Ovaltine? It's your choice.

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