Live Reviews

  Rua MacMillan, The Norrie MacIver Trio live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

It must be the sunshine. I'm suddenly feeling kind of… parochial. The Bluesbunny autopilot, you see, only has two pre-programmed destinations - Home and Free. Free is why God gave you an autopilot. Your autopilot will lead you towards free music, free food or free drink without any user intervention at all. Hence finding myself in the basement of Pivo Pivo for the launch of Rua Macmillan's album "Tyro".

Had to remind myself that this was a Monday night. Monday nights are not generally the busiest of nights but tonight the place was jumping and the brightly coloured drinks - generally referred to as cocktails, I'm told - were flying across the bar. Smart marketing plan that. Invent drinks for women that can be matched to the colour of their shoes.

So and verily, my ears had their first encounter with the Norrie MacIver Trio. They did a short set that contained the not only the expected jigs and reels thing but also an unexpected John Martyn cover. Perhaps not entirely unexpected come to think of it, as Mr MacIver's voice indicated a more than passing interest in Americana.

On to the audience's favourite - Rua MacMillan. Duly and ably abetted by his onstage musical colleagues, he played through a set that was way too short for his adoring fans with his acclaimed abilities as a fiddler clearly evident during a particularly effective solo slot. Celtic music isn't an interest of mine so it was interesting to note just how rigid a musical form those jigs and reels actually are with the most appropriate comparison being dance music. The point being that you have to be a pretty damn fine musician to make such music not only interesting but also invigorating.

Pink drinks. Pink sauce that comes with pakora. There's always a sign. You just have to look for it. Set course for my next destination.

Review Date: May 17 2010