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  Reptile House, Brigid Kaelin, Butch Ross live at The Liquid Ship in Glasgow

A sweetly scented Friday night in Glasgow, with the sun teasing the clouds. Let's hope Environmental Research squads took note for this sort of climatic misbehaviour is extremely rare. Having duly noted this, there was music to be heard. Reptile House rocked the Liquid Ship with more than a little help from Butch Ross and Brigid Kaelin.

Butch Ross hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a dab hand with the dulcimer. Onstage, he seems to assume the loveable loser persona but it must just be for show for this guy is a definite winner. A dose of self-deprecation on "I Like Singing Folksongs" got the crowd laughing while his dulcimer variation of "Eleanor Rigby" was nothing short of mesmerising. Chattanooga isn't just a funny-sounding place - it's also the hometown of Butch Ross. Remember that.

brigid and butch

Then the man from Tennessee was joined onstage by the woman from Kentucky. Starting with "Whiskey In the Faucet", Brigid Kaelin took control of her audience with a terrific set. Drawing from folk and country influences, their set was wrought with a sense of humour that seemed strangely local. Songs such as "Mr Future-Used-To-Be" and "I Did Something Bad", humourous and devilish respectively, drew much applause.

And then came the saw. A common tool? Yes. A musical instrument? You better believe it. Brigid set more than a few faces to stunned when she played "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "Loch Lomond" like no one had ever heard before. Quite simply incredible.

pat monaghan

Last on were Reptile House. It wasn't hard to get into their groove. Pat, on keyboards and vocals, hollered with depth and purpose, while his bandmates had rhythm to spare. A particular favourite was "Happy To Be", which could well have fallen out of Eric Burdon's pocket. Simply put, Reptile House deserve your attention. But you might not get it back. Deal with it.

The bar is closed and the music is over. Time to go home and stage a congregation of thought. A good day so there needn't be any night.

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