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  Washington Irving, The Social Services, Randolph's Leap and Jarv live at Mono in Glasgow

As the days get longer and air conditioners fail, it’s important that all music lovers keep themselves well-hydrated. It was while in Mono, for the Washington Irving EP launch, that I came to truly understand this. Thankfully, they had organic beer and Guinness. So, music and liquid sustenance. Pretty good, no?

First up were Randolph’s Leap, a band who forever seem to be growing both in numbers and stature. Exhibiting a fine knack for harmony and lyrics that really do require attention and thought, there was little to fault in their performance. At times they looked a shade nervous but for the life of me, I can’t think why that’d be. Let’s put that down to the heat.

Jarv, of esteemed Glasgow act Endor, was next. In fine voice, his introspective meandering took the crowd on a journey through his mind. With Endor being notorious for melodic guitars and the aforementioned heavy thinking, it was no surprise that Jarv’s set had the room near silent. A good showing indeed.

At the risk of descending into a tirade of superlatives, The Social Services put in a set that you won’t see every day. But you would if you could. Combining a knack for elaborately-sewn pop music (thank you Sweden!) and a love of Scotland, this set was nothing short of a treat. Go, see!
To be honest, it’s a surprise that Washington Irving have taken so long to come out with an EP. Certainly, they have no shortage of supporters, and this performance showed exactly why. With their own competent take on modern Scottish folk music, both energetic and literary, this act have all the qualities to follow in the footsteps of Belle and Sebastian and other such Scottish acts of repute. Give them a listen.

Time to catch the 62 bus. Almost always guarantees a fight. There’s a way of starting one, too, but not necessarily being part of it. Late night entertainment!

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