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  XMRV, Wrongnote and Nude Pilots live at Nice and Sleazy in Glasgow

Action. Peroxide blonde in red dress. That’s a good enough reason to be here. The poster on the pillar beside her says “Babes Beyond the Barras”.  Even with the industrial strength psychotic delusions that I suffer from these days I figure out this is a movie. I just knew she wouldn’t be real but I’d like her to be real.

My not so imaginary film has a soundtrack tonight and the first contributor tonight is a four piece band called Wrongnote. Surprisingly eloquent for a Glasgow band, they twisted together the fibres of bands like XTC and Orange Juice to create an intelligent blend of retro power pop that won’t be getting outdated anytime soon. Well put together, as they say.

Rather less well assembled were Nude Pilots. Showing the steely determination that often accompanies a lack of imagination, this band did not shine. For one thing, who ever heard of successful metal band without an ear catching guitarist and lead singer Jono went out of his way to provide more than sufficient proof that he will be forever fourteen. You won’t need Alzheimers to forget this band.

Distinctly difficult to remove from your mind however were tonight’s headliners XMRV. Hamish Black’s mastery of the fretboard was evident right from the start and he decorated each one of this band’s heavyweight songs with panache and style.  Taking a couple of examples, “Suicide Slide” was little short of an anti tank weapon and “Water” was chilled – even chilling – and refreshing.  Singer Dr Ruth sang like she was born with natural reverb and no small amount of attitude – just the thing to drag your attention to the stage – and once she has you she wasn’t going to let you go. XMRV have the smart songs and the musical ability to make you remember them. That’s exactly what I shall do.

Bumped into DJ Foliage at the bar later. He’s real. He also proposes to Dr Ruth right in front of me. I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve ever seen him do.  A happy ending perhaps?

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