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  Cherri Fosphate, The Argyle Wishlist, In Cases and Zanin’s Magic Crayon live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Remember the television programme Cheers? It had a tagline something like “where everyone knows your name”. I mention that as there comes a point when the bar staff do actually know your name. She smiles. She knows my name.

Ever wondered what a sound guy does? I was watching a guy crawl about on stage in Pivo Pivo while disconnected sounds emanated from the speakers as that very question crossed my mind. Only it wasn’t the sound guy but the band and I had duly missed half of Zanin’s Magic Crayon’s lo-fi left of centre set.  It wouldn’t have taken much more effort to miss his entire set.

Americans on tour The Argyle Wishlist were next. Staying on the well trodden path of guitar led twee pop, it was hard to imagine a band more inoffensive and generally nice. Nicely nice even. Since I was in the mood for wondering, I pondered on how this band could be what a baggy v-neck jumper would sound like.

By the time In Cases got to the stage, my attention had wandered again (and there was a scientific reason for that called “blonde in a red dress”). In Cases meandered pleasantly through a short set of Apple laptop driven imperfection that probably would be best enjoyed in some sort of drug induced trance.  Yes, it looked like plastic psychedelia was back in town.

It was hard to admit but indie rock then saved the day (or night, to be technically accurate). Local boys Cherri Fosphate locked weapons and opened fire upon the audience with an energetic and buoyant set of explosive songs that were delivered with near military precision. I’ve just realised that I’ve said something nice about a Glasgow indie rock band. Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually…

What to do now? The night is still young, after all. Unfortunately I’m not.

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