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  Rudy Alba and The Worries, Man At The Window live at The Universal in Glasgow

Payday always results in some degree of adventure. Occasionally, it can be the wrong kind of adventure but not this time. My wallet led me to The Universal, where Rudy Alba – with his band, The Worries - headlined a night of music under the banner “Jammin’ For Jamaica”. Time to cleanse that troubled mind.

Man At The Window provided some memorable support. Described as Glasgow’s top festival band, this act were certainly intent on getting as much noise out of the crowd as possible. Through impressive musicianship – spearheaded by eccentric front man Gerry Coogan – the crowd were left rather impressed. They even had one high-heeled, high-spirited woman commanding the dancefloor throughout their set. Drink doesn’t make you dance; good music does. Drink and good music? There’s no telling what you might do. Go out and see them – or catch them at a festival near you.

Rudy Alba is a unique character - a white Scotsman who performs reggae music. On paper, it sounds laughable. However, seeing (indeed, hearing) is believing. Backed by his band from London, The Worries, Rudy tore through a tight set of his own reggae anthems, demonstrating some admirable skills on the microphone, while his band kept a steady beat. One member of his band took his turn on the mic, again impressing the crowd.

Throughout, the band seemed to be in their element while Rudy sings with purpose. Whatever you put it down to, it was a fine show. If you’re hoping to find an interesting and genuine act in music today (no mean feat), look no further than Rudy Alba.

And so, the evening ran on ‘til the early morning. Slightly earlier for this ‘Bunny for fear that a friend had overdone it on the sauce. Still, a fine evening was had at The Universal. Until next time…

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