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  Rockburn and Skinny Villains live at King Tuts in Glasgow

King Tuts on a Saturday is an invigorating experience (one day I’ll no doubt trip over my own sarcasm but not tonight). I know – and am quite happy to admit - that I hate musicians but there are times when I think that someone at King Tuts must hate them more than I do.

Skinny Villains do a jaunty line in indie rock songs or at least they would if you could make out the words but that is not on the agenda tonight.  From past experience, their songs about girls such as “Gloria” and “Bella” get your dancing feet moving whilst wrapping your brain in candy floss  but the band were not heard to best advantage tonight.

Rockburn turned out to have considerably more pals than Skinny Villains and dear old King Tuts finally gained some atmosphere as a fair chunk of Bellshill’s rock fans had made the journey to show support. Mind you, Rockburn were clearly able to look after themselves with the guitarist’s purposeful performance lifting them far above the pretenders that can be found in any of the ‘Shires pubs of a weekend. The best response was for their single “Red Dress” but I was more impressed with the level of musical dexterity that was so clearly demonstrated as the band overcame the less than stellar sound. Worthy of your ears indeed.

11pm and it’s all over and, as that springy thing on the Magic Roundabout was prone to saying, it is time to go to bed.  Nighty night.

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