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  The Tenemants, Raymond Meade, Stephen Kyle, Fireside Kicks live at The Black Sparrow in Glasgow

Through the door into the Black Sparrow. Pause for a moment to consider the view (I think you mean you did some background research – Ed). Pretty blondes all in a row. There should be a song about that (I’m writing it at this very moment –Ed). Is there a world surplus of peroxide that had to be used up quickly or maybe it was just the premature onset of Christmas mating fever? Whatever the reason, I had to take my socks off to count them.

What next? A threesome (Ok, you win the dodgy segue of the week award – Ed) going by the name of Fireside Kicks were playing down in the basement. I do believe there are normally more of them than the three conspirators but stripping things down didn’t do them any harm at all. Cunningly understated folk flavoured indie pop with deadpan male vocals counterpointing the wistful female vocals meant that Fireside Kicks could be so much more than a one night stand (and the smut stops now – Ed).

Stephen Kyle did a spirited one man and a guitar thing next that highlighted the simple fact that he, unlike so many of his local contemporaries, cared about entertaining the audience. He wasn’t a name known to me but I got the feeling he had a musical history behind him given that many of his own songs had that “missing a band” feel to them.  He got the applause however and that’s what counts.

Without further ado, it was the turn of Raymond Meade to take to the stage. He used to be in a band called The Ronelles and revived some of their songs during a set that provided solid evidence that you can’t keep a good rocker down and, whilst giving his guitar a mighty pummelling, it occurred to me that he wasn’t aiming so much at a basement as at a stadium. Old habits die hard.

More unplugged rocking came next from The Tenemants. Straightforward, solid rock songs often translate well to a more acoustic approach and tonight The Tenemants proved just that whilst adding the unmistakeable feeling that they would keep playing until the dawn came given the opportunity. You either love music or you don’t. The Tenemants clearly do.

Anyway, got mistaken for Woody Harrelson again.  Woody Harrelson drinks in a bar in Glasgow? Is that likely? (he might if he likes blondes – Ed). Another thing - how come I get mistaken for the only Hollywood A-lister who hasn’t had a decent sex scandal? Seriously, there are times when I think God doesn’t love me as much as She should.


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