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  Southside Johnny, Billy Walton Band live at The Ferry in Glasgow

It’s somewhat of an annual event, like Christmas except you’re guaranteed what you want. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes returned to The Ferry, this time in support of their new album, “Pills and Ammo.” Watch those stairs, you might spill your drink!

It figures that Billy Walton would get to play alongside Southside Johnny because his band, the Billy Walton Band, got the crowd a little more than warmed up before the main act. Taking a Clapton-esque approach to blues-rock, this New Jersey trio clearly know the ropes. “Bring It All Together”, for one, was a funky electric blues assault that got toes tapping and, with a little Van Morrison and Chuck Berry thrown in for good measure, no one could rightly dislike them. Or if they did, they were too scared to declare so. Do yourself a favour, and watch out for the Billy Walton Band because they’ll be back next year.

Bounding onstage wearing a Scotland football shirt, Southside Johnny announced his return to The Ferry. You’d almost think he’d tire of seeing the same faces year-in year out but then he does have a pretty desirable occupation. In his own well-humoured way, he conveyed his appreciation between songs and, complete with his Asbury Jukes, he tore through a still-exciting set of old favourites with a little from the new album thrown into the ring too.

It’s too bad The Ferry doesn’t do round-trips because this show could’ve gone on all night. It’s common knowledge to fans of Southside Johnny but he really knows how to entertain his crowd and young performers could learn a great deal from him while young reprobates could better themselves by spending their money at his show. After all, all the women who went to this show were beautiful. Now, that’s a great quality in his music: it attracts pretty women!

Until next year (hopefully), that’s all folks. Time to find me some carrots. Carrots and beer. Goodnight.

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