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  Christie Connor-Vernal and Carol Creighton live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Life should be a blur at the end of the night (but not at the start, of course) so no doubt I’m drifting like the proverbial ship on the sea. Anyway, basement fever (it’s a lifestyle choice) took me down into Pivo Pivo of a Tuesday night for a spot of the old live music. She of the bar tells me that if you go to the Glasgow Art School on the 13th November and, I quote, say “foliage” then you will get in for free. Foliage, it turns out, is a DJ rather than something that adorns a tree. That might mean something existential otherwise it’s all in the wrist action.

You know how it is with musicians or maybe you don’t? Carol Creighton runs neatly down the mellow side of thing with her band of one on bass and something that looks suspiciously like a flute.  She runs more level than a flatline until she hits the vaguely disturbing “Panyani” and heads off into the kind of area that is best described as black humour mixed with social commentary. Didn’t see that one coming…

Then came a stylistic left turn into stripped down rock as Christie Connor-Vernal (hope I got her name right…) took to the stage. Suspiciously devoid of a band (you can sometimes just smell something that isn’t there), she nonetheless showed that she had the presence to carry off a well executed acoustic assault on blues rock. Living it and singing it like it is, I got to wondering where she had been hiding as I knew I was going to miss her when she was gone. Almost prophetically, she ended on a cover of the Kiss classic “God Gave Rock And Roll to You”.  It was practically a sign.

God works in mysterious ways. Even in Belgium apparently.

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