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  Wensdy, Emma Forman live at The Ark in Glasgow

Live and learn. It’s a good way to live your life and neatly covers eventualities like finding out there was live music at The Ark upon a Monday night. But yeah and verily there was so, in the interests of science, Wensdy and Emma Forman therefore found themselves before a jury consisting of a Bluesbunny, Ed Da Producer and Andy Da Musician. Got to speak the lingo when you are hanging with your homeboys in the ‘hood…

As she is something of a veteran of acoustic singer songwriter nights, Emma Forman is no stranger to the Bluesbunny’s ears but the consensus tonight was that she wasn’t hitting the mark. Sure, her voice had all the qualities of ear candy and sometimes that is enough. However, tonight the customary mix of fragility and warmth normally found in her performance was conspicuous by its absence.

One handbrake turn later and Wensdy is on stage with a looking the part guitarist keeping her company. She’s a lot more dance floor electro than Ms Forman would ever be and, in a seriously short set, just about established herself as a potential heroine of the Peugeot driving crowd. If pointed in the right direction she could potentially shake your subwoofers.

Then Woody Da Magician appeared in a puff of smoke and did some prestidigitation. No, honestly he did. I’m just saying that it happened. I’m not saying it made sense.

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