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  Mickey 9s, The Young Spooks, Synesthesia live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

Power failure. Is there any uglier a reason for a bar closing? Not bloody likely. Here’s hoping that the good people at La Cheetah now have a full surge of electricity. Anyway, musical delights were not to be denied as Mickey 9s, The Young Spooks and Synesthesia, took their musical crusade to Pivo Pivo. Nice.
First up were Synesthesia. Four young guys who know where they want to go. In a not dissimilar manner to Biffy Clyro, they created a wave of noisy atmosphere that proved impossible to ignore. The band seemed tight as a unit while frontman Paul alternated between singing and screaming with unexpected ease. Evidently, this quartet enjoy themselves onstage and they didn’t shy away from a little banter with the crowd. They certainly got the crowd warmed up and will surely reap the rewards of higher billings in times to come.

It’s fair to say that there’s some excitement about The Young Spooks. Fronted by Calvin, an ungainly figure whose immediate demeanour and attire would see him accepted into a Dad’s Army reunion gathering, this utterly thrilling collective shook the bunker with a high-voltage set of artsy noise. While said frontman was staggering across tables, his band were hammering away at their instruments with theatrical nonchalance. Even continuous technical mishaps couldn’t derail the intensity of the set. Get out and see this band. You won’t be disappointed.
The last act of the evening would be Mickey 9s. Cue much hilarity as the audience are taken on a musical joyride by a masked man - with a penchant for silly dancing - and his band. Playing a range of funk-laden songs (including one about Christopher Walken and a rendition of a Daft Punk song), this act positively bordered on nonsensical. Audience participation wasn’t encouraged but it seemed to occur regardless. With the great Hugh Reed now supposedly in China, music in Glasgow needs a new superhero. Has he been found? Go and see this act. Be ready to laugh, cheer and dance.
So all in all, a great night. Good beer and good music. That’s not all, either. I’m now going to spend all day reading about synesthesia. What a fascinating condition! Goodnight!

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