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  Sarah McClurg, Silver Creek, Bad Bad Men live at The Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow

It’s a cold evening in Glasgow (though infinitely colder in Ottawa, we’re told) so there’s so place more appealing than the pub but, in my case, a journey to the Grand Ole Opry is in order. Why, you ask? Not merely for affordable swill and folk dancing! Sarah McClurg was in the country and that’s enough to make any good man forget about church or sport.
Glasgow’s own Bad Bad Men have begun to make a name for themselves in Glasgow’s possibly burgeoning alt-country scene. By avoiding the use of alcohol as a lyrical crutch, they do themselves no harm and through exercising some impressive harmonies, this showing will have also done them no harm. While clearly still in need of experience, there is due cause for people to take an interest in this five piece. I’m still not utterly convinced that they’re as bad as they suggest, though.

Next up were Silver Creek, who came all the way from Ottawa, Canada. Whether or not they discovered country-rock before they discovered the Rolling Stones is largely irrelevant. What matters is that they know how to kick ass. A strange way to describe them, I concede, but there’s little in the way of tangible alternatives to explore. Taking blues, country and rock and making a good sound is easier said than done but these guys do so with apparent swagger. This was, surprisingly, their first tiptoeing in British waters. Good taste should guarantee their imminent return.
Oh, Canada! Last, but never least, was Sarah McClurg - backed by the redoubtable Silver Creek! How’s that for a pairing? Ms McClurg has become somewhat familiar with exaltation and on this evidence it’s no surprise. Delivering a blend of country and rock that is sweet without ever being challenging, there’s plenty to love about McClurg’s recipe. Throwing in a couple of Johnny Cash songs (“Jackson” and “Folsom Prison Blues”) for good measure, the Opry faithful (and select others) were rather elated so don’t be too surprised to soon find Sarah McClurg to be a big name in commercial country. More than just a pretty face, Sarah McClurg is already a star. It is up to the rest of the world as to how quickly they should catch on.
A good evening comes to an end and reality ensues. Unfortunate, but it only gets worse when reality and work combine to knock a man flat on his ass. That’s why he devised booze. Goodnight!

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